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Nascent Divinity Disables Chain Cylinder

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edited August 7, 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions
While playing around with Divinity, I found that using the transformation disabled any "status" affect type skills that may be in effect. Skills like Mana shield and Chain cylinder. Since I make extensive use of alchemy skills, I have to constantly remind myself to turn Chain cylinder back on whenever I use divinity. Please leave chain cylinder enabled when transforming, its very VERY annoying to load water canon or flame burst only to find that you only did 1 charge instead of 5.


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    edited August 7, 2018
    I've experienced this as well with Meditation, although that at least has a overhead status effect. I still forget about Meditation sometimes, too. Speaking of Chain Cylinder, why do you even have to activate that otherwise passive effect, anyway? Wouldn't it make more since for Chain Cylinder to, well... be a passive?

    In any case, maybe they could make it so that any passive effects you have active (e.g.; Meditation, Chain Cylinder) are reactivated automatically when you exit Nascent Divinity.