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Free Enchants

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edited August 2, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Hello Milletians,

I am cleaning out my inventory and realized I have a lot of expired enchants. I am giving them all out for free; if any enchant is not claimed by August 6th they will be dropped.
Here is a list of what I have:

Involvement (Suffix: rank 8; metal boots)
Looks a bit weak
STR -5

Vicious (Prefix: rank 8; shoes)
Looks slightly weak
Repair fee x2

Moderato (Prefix: Rank A; intruments)
Music buff effect + 2 (Playing instrument r8)
Max dmg +5 (lullaby r5)
Max HP +7
Max Stam +15

Small (Prefix: rank 8; handgear)
Looks slightly weak
Repair fee x2

Ambush x2 (suffix: Rank 9; clothing)
Max dmg +7-11 (when blunt mastery is r1)
Min dmg +5 (when axe mastery is r1)

Titanic (Prefix: Rank 8; 2 handed axes)
STR +30 (Wind guard r5)
STR +25 (taunt r9)

Semi Auto (Suffix: Rank B; guns)
Attack Speed + 4
Balance +5-15% (Reload r9)
Critical +5-10% (Bullet slide rA)

Recruit's (Prefix: Rank C; guns)
Min Dmg +1-3
Max dmg +5-8 (Duel Gun Mastery rB)

Chord (Suffix: Rank 8; instruments)
Music buff effect + 1 (playing instrument r7)
Max dmg +10 (dischord r7)
Max dmg +5
Max Stamina +20

Magical (Prefix: Rank 9; No rank limit)
Int +3-8 (Magic craft r9)
Lucky +1-10 (Magic craft r5)
Max MP +50 (magic cratf r3)
Repair fee -30%

Imp (Suffix: Rank A; heavy armour)
Defense +2
Protection +2
STR +10

Defensive (Prefix: Rank 9; heavy armour)
Defense +7
STR +7
DEX +4

Delicate (Prefix: Rank B; handgear and hats)
Synth Success +1% (Synth rB)

Hot Foot (Prefix: Rank 9; shoes)
Flame Alchemic Dmg +8 (Flame burst r9)

Allegro (Prefix: Rank 5; instruments; no rank limit)
Music Buff Effect +3 (Playing instrument r3)
Max HP +15 (Lullaby r5)
Max Dmg +8
Max Stamina +20

Caliburn (Suffix Rank D; weapons)
Max Dmg +10
Critical + 10%
Max Mana + 10
Repair Fee x10

Director (Prefix: Rank 9; footgear and handgear)
Critical +3-5
Max Dmg +10%
Marionette HP +20

If you would like any of these enchants, please send me a note in game and we can meet up :)