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January 20, 1979
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This is history. This is my history and this is your history. There are reasons why we do these certain traditions and if we become complacent and never question or wonder 'why' we do the things we do, we will lose the meaning behind it. Then it becomes nothing more than just an action with no real substance or feelings behind it. ~Brandi Cody
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I was gone from mabi about 5 years. I was there at the start long before there was Iria, or Belvast. Heck Tara nor Taillteann weren't there either.


  • Spooklee
    Dearest Clover; Rayout is Gone for Good. If you want more details about what happened, you can find me on Facebook (spook.lee.9) ... I don't really want to drag the drama out into the public again. I will state that a lot of people have asked me to come back and revive the guild, but I don't believe the game really needs us any more.
    September 24, 2017
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