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  • I was at work the other night when my guildy reported that someone was summoning demi lich on the beach. Killed everyone on one side but not my side. Got home and found that the other side if the beach had been hit as well and I was dead.
  • Can confirm Totem Reset Coupon is not listable
  • Catering to everyone will never be possible as there will always be someone who is offended or does not like it. My opinion on the story aside this thread is a classic example of what precisely is wrong with the net these days. Looks for snowflakes.…
  • I hope we do not lose our chance to rebirth into TH. Took a rebirth pot so I could rebirth into it a second time and had planned on doing that today.
  • So what happens if I create a character named inappropriate?
  • Tagging helps but if untagged the items will go in the top bag starting from the left and this applies to bags that have the same tag as well. SO the layout of your bags in your inventory plays an important role in keeping things tidy.
    in Bags Comment by Obsim June 26, 2018
  • It would seem that all this gacha and loot box junk may finally start getting regulated. I for one thing RNG gambling should be done away with altogether and I think this may just be the beginning. MizukiHayama wrote: » Sherri wrote: » …
  • Toon wrote: » I'm sorry but this post and almost all the comments are the epitome of stupidity towards this game. Literally almost every single one of the comments are wrong. And this just seems to be a trend in this forum. I'm honestly curious, h…
  • After staying online straight for Since Thursday afternoon, I foinally got this thing. I keep trying ti all the bento's and it says it's already detecting something Clear my inv please this is ridiculous.
  • Here you go
  • Falskull wrote: » horray we can now all play Ivy from Soul Calibur ummmmm... she's slightly deformed and top heavy.... who could walk like that?
  • Maia wrote: » Humans suck, elves suck, giants suck. They should just introduce cat people with 2x damage in every skillset, fastest run speed, and make it a gacha only race. Gachanogi! Make them addicted to catnip, and unless they get a fix the…
  • Koken wrote: » Reading through this thread brings back an old itch of mine from the ancient forums. To see an Elf QQ thread spawn once more into this cold, dead, plane, of a forum. All I can say is. QQ Moar. You sorry sacks of flesh that call…
  • Zeo wrote: » TheGreatCalistarius wrote: » @Zeo - True! It's late and had forgotten about DL. So assuming the Giant did everything I mentioned, plus divine linking, while they're in ladeca they would indeed have more max for that particular ski…
  • ShouK wrote: » As a new-ish player, I'm just more stressed out that I have more generation (which story I couldn't care less that I skipped all the cutscenes and speed read the text) to complete. You really missed out then. The story, while con…
  • This happened to me as well when I was training those two talents a few years back, was extremely confusing
  • Deathnote.... that would be awesome.... every hour a new plater is assigned the book and can knock out people, while the other players need to try and finger the assailant. Too obvious? say for instance that character us in dunby and everyone dies? …
  • Yeah I have noticed you get lullaby up and even though the skill is active and everything is weak nothing ever happens. BFO is slow as is even March song, a snap buff just causes you to be hit now rather than doing what it always has.
  • Agreed service does require a good revamp. I paid for it for years then scratched my head and asked why? not until they do something nice about it, such as get rid of remote admin tickets (to say the least).