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  • Shiryllian wrote: » I mean, honestly you didn't miss much by skipping the dialogue. G24 was extremely chatty even though it was far more dangerous than the rest. So much dialogue that could cut in half or even put into one sentence. "Here's the…
  • I did 23 and 24 within 3 days. It was pretty awful, and I'm bummed out I had to skip on so much text. I'm shocked at how long they both were. I had already completed up through 22, so luckily, I didn't have to do them.
  • Staff for sure. Do you dabble in fighter or have a final hit set? It really depends on what you want as your secondary or tertiary damage talents. You could keep the wand and just upgrade it to have the cc it's now missing via normal weapon upgrades.
  • Greta wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » I like your name. I think it's German origin and not as common as some other names. Yes it is. It means pearl. It is actually common where i live though... >_> You use your actual name as a usern…
  • Policroma wrote: » Xehalin wrote: » I feel like the people that want elf buffs don't understand just how strong Elves really are. Honestly I agree with you. Even the "gear" argument only goes so far when you consider what a store-bought chain…
  • I feel like the people that want elf buffs don't understand just how strong Elves really are.
  • Man, those are ugly outfits.
  • Where did you get 7 months worth of ap from? By my count, it's roughly around 645 ap if you turn every possible coin in for ap and use the ap daily coffees. That's about 3 weeks worth of rebirthing after hitting level 200 and expl level 15. I seriou…
  • Elves are plenty strong on their own. Magnum Shot, a crystal deer, and hide can carry you through just about anything as long as you have the stats. You have chains for aoe, and get higher int/dex from your skills so your magic, chains, and archery …
  • They long since ruined the spirit of the game when they introduced Reforges, and made them cash shop/event-only. At least KR has a way to get them outside of events and the cash shop.. Even if you can buy them from other players, they still only com…
  • You lost me at 5 minute cast time. There are instant cast skills that drop anywhere from 100k-1m damage easily with a short cooldown. What could your 5 minute skill do? It would have to do damage in the 10s of millions to be useful. I get that it's …
  • I'll take any reskin if it means I can get access to an old pet that's no longer available.
  • Why do people like Avelin? She's a boring character. I mean, Altam is the true waifu of the Alban knight squads anyway.