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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!


  • After reading the producer letter, I do have one more thing to add to my forum post. I think the below is a bad statistic to make a decision like this on: "When looking at the play patterns of North American Milletians playing Tech Duinn missions…
  • The Auction House is what killed the personal shop areas. People still use Dunbarton, but the appeal of Belvast having an increased gold limit in the license, is redundant because all the expensive goods go on the Auction House. But with Dunbarton b…
  • I think adding a pity system would make this tolerable like the way Crom Bás and Glenn Bearna are set up, but it still doesn't solve the problem of us having no spammable end-game content anymore. Once we've finished our weekly clears of Glenn, Crom…
  • Other games at least have a pity system for their gachas, if you buy X amount of them you're guaranteed the advertised item at the end. Mabi does this with Pet Gachapons, and those are the only ones I see as worth the money. Also $5 for 1 pet gacha …
  • I remember a big change as devastating as this one back in 2016/2017ish time frame, where Uladh Dungeons got revamped and became only 4 person entry limits. This was back when the Celtic Weapons were the End Game. My guild used to love going into Al…
  • I'm really happy with the Wishes to the Moon for New Years lantern festival theme event! And we can finally get to the moon legitimately again without needing a friend to smuggle us there! This is really fun and exciting, thank you!
  • Thank you all for turning them on this week! I was really happy to load into game today and see them brought back for the first time in a couple years! Halloween is my favorite holiday so I'm really glad to see it getting the same love and care in-g…
  • I really miss the Cursed Labyrinth! It was my #1 favorite. You get the giant trickster field boss spawning in every town, a fun race of mini-games you could complete with a full party of 8, so it got all my friends excited to play the game together …
  • How could you make me vote for which is cuter?! They're both the cutest!!!
  • Unreal Engine update has me all aboard the hype train!!!
  • If you ever happened to do those old Dye Well events, and have them for your homestead still, then you could have a 'profession' as a dye maker. Selling Holy Water is always an option as well! You could do that part time job every day and sell th…
  • When it comes to the story quests getting intense nerfs, like you not even needing to search for the earring snowman at all, they had to make him super obvious, I don't like that and it makes the questing process kinda boring. But for skill ranki…
  • Problem with this is everyone wants to sell for 50 mill + now. So most things are just put on the Auction House, and cheap impulse buying happens in Dunby. Perk of Belvast was you could add up to 20 mill in your shop of sales instead of Dunby's 5…
  • My guess is that someone saw Katherz's post to not use fynn sync, logged in ASAP, and instead of going for a seal stone or a guild stone placement, the first thing they did was use fynn sync on a blackrobed fynni pet and broke the whole server.
  • FerghusonJR wrote: » nvm it worked reverse jinx succesful cya ingame guys your comment about reverse jinxing it totally jinxed it XD
  • Everyone who logs in at any point today should get "the Server Breaker" title, which will give +1 piercing. Then those that wanted to break the seals just to see their names there have that as usual, and everyone gets a piercing title!
  • asnscorpio wrote: » Kisaraya wrote: » Now that to me is interesting. 135 tickets that took 17 minutes to get (might not be the fastest on the server but pretty effecient) So for not a lot of rewards that took 17 minutes, and yet the 1st and 2nd…
  • Pay attention to the events we get in-game (quests related will show up under an Event tab, and there will be a webpost for each new event on the Mabinogi webpage). Some of them have fun outfits as rewards! Outside of events, anything that you can't…
  • Devotion wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Shakaya wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Shakaya wrote: » I'm glad another merge is happening! I'm happy to make more new friends again! And I hope Nexon can come up with a fair name solution for everyone, even …
  • Helsa wrote: » Shakaya wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Shakaya wrote: » I'm glad another merge is happening! I'm happy to make more new friends again! And I hope Nexon can come up with a fair name solution for everyone, even if it's patched in l…