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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!


  • "The first party of Milletians to defeat this monstrosity will obtain the title The Gravedigger" So between that and the Avalon seal breaker only 5 (well 8 for Nao, 5 for Alexina) people on the server are able to have a title that grants +1 Pierc…
  • Capulet's guild recruitment is officially open again! There is a small update to our requirements to join, since we've had the Blaanid revamp now, they are: - Finish the first 3 Blaanid Memoir Books - Finish Gen 19 - Have at least one Blos…
  • Bringing GM events back is super nice, but it's really sad that only 10 people on the whole server get to actually race. Hopefully you'll be able to host bigger events in the future!
  • Hello! If you're interested, Capulet is focused on running Crusader raids for our big organized guild runs, and we can do techs whenever you need! If you haven't found a guild yet already, please add me in-game! My IGN is the same as my forum name~
  • I'm not sure if you've found a guild yet or not, but Capulet is working on building a Crusader raid crew, and we can do techs whenever you need. If you're interested, add me in-game! My IGN is the same as my forum name!
  • An update: If you join our guild before May 7th, then you will be able to get into our guild Minecraft server before we fight the Ender Dragon for the first time! So, if you want to be apart of that journey, quit procrastinating and add me as a …
  • We also can no longer cheese the circle rooms in Revived Illusion by archor rushing in and not moving
  • Greta wrote: » Crimsọn wrote: » This website design is too feminine. A potential gamer would view this page and think there is no combat. Man this sentence sound ridiculous. People still think females can't engage in combat games... I don'…
  • This website update looks like it's designed to be viewed best on a tablet. That doesn't really make much sense, considering Mabinogi is a PC game. But idk, maybe all the middle class kids these days do their web browsing on their tablets and phones…
  • vote him out
  • A lot of the things I used to enjoy on Mabi I can't anymore because the rewards are no longer worth the effort. So, instead I started to focus on newer content and it's been making the game more enjoyable again. My guild and I used to spend a lot…
  • While this isn't my favorite event to have recycled, I do enjoy this and I'm happy that we're getting Halloween content before the last week of October this year! I also really love they brought back the Halloween decorations in the town squares.…
  • It's pretty so I like having it even though I can't ride it. But I would absolutely love it if we could ride inside of it.
  • Sooooo you made a mermaid reskin of the Floral Fairy Outfit, and made a gacha for it instead of selling outfit bags. Will we ever get outfit bag releases again? Or is this just Gamblenogi forever now?
  • Check your cash shop inventory when you log into the game, the pet you got might be a whistle instead of a card. Also, did you do the tutorial? I don't see why it would lock you out of doing dungeons unless you haven't done the alby run you're su…
  • CMKyrios wrote: » Hello everyone! Finally an update on this issue. We've been trying to fix this for a while. The issue should be resolved during this upcoming maintenance tomorrow. If you're still experiencing issues with your mailbox after tomor…
  • I noticed the market on Tarlach was starting to get pretty inflated after the Auction House update, and the merge just made everything worse. Just the fact that there is no limit on how high you can sell something aside from how much gold you can ke…
  • Devotion wrote: » This issue is causing additional problems where I can't receive compensation from GMs (for event bugs) through the mail T~T Have you told them you have the mailbox bug when you reported your problem with the event? I had quite…
  • Greta wrote: » Are you serious? 3rd time in a row during summer? Come on... Pretty sure rewards are similar or identical again... EDIT: Nevermind, i see there's decent amount of new stuff this time. Summer and Combat Soldier... Interesting comb…
  • Shroomster wrote: » Hey Kyrios, maybe you can ask the appropriate people why they keep giving us trashy, mathematically impossible coin shop events where getting one reward automatically locks you out of most of if not all of the others. No one li…