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  • Weapon: If you're going for a Hailstorm build you want to use a Celtic Druid Staff with +12 Base Magic Attack, Elemental Condensation + Celtic Unique upgrades, and Blue Stone Upgrades. You want to give it Magic Attack Enchants with prefixes like Arc…
  • I remember runescape did something very similar that worked out tremendously well. They started selling an item called "Bonds" you could buy for $5 usd. They originally gave 14 days of membership and eventually added more uses for them down the line…
  • Lazy Make Shift Cooking Ruler. 1) Buy an Alchemy Crystal Bag 2) Line up the First Side of the nearest square to where 10% would be on the meter. 3) If positioned correctly, 1 side of a square to the other side of the same square is approxim…
  • I see a lot of people are talking about the under level 1,000 benefits. As someone currently doing all the Expert Talent titles before level 1,000 I'll post my strategies and findings here. Currently I'm level 769 with Expert on 13 Talents with 8k+ …
  • Ardaithe wrote: » Thanks! I noticed the last time I logged on that they had a whole list of benefits for new players, and while I am grateful I kinda wish I had that when I was younger. I'm going to milk those advantages for all they are worth unt…
  • Welcome back to Mabi! If you're under 1,000 total make sure to take advantage of the beginner benefits. Getting a good start on Mabi before you past the 1,000 total level threshold can make a really big difference on how much more work you have to p…
  • Finished my Persona 5 Joker cosplay today thanks to the new gacha! Ign: Lucatrea Face: Bat Phantom Thief Mask Body: Cressida Wear Shoes: Eluned Starlet Circle Boots (M) Gloves: Light Gloves Wings: Black Holy Feather Wings
  • Sure! I love making new friends and adding people. -Lucatrea.
  • Yes, your first rebirth has to be to a Hero Talent. I just attempted this on one of my Ace Cards and it turns out you cannot hoard the free Ace Rebirth. However, fortunately, there is currently a Free Hero Talent (The free talent changes bi-weekly) …
  • IGN (CURRENT): Lucatrea What made you choose the name when you started? I name all my characters after colors. Lucatrea meant Dark Light in Latin. Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why? I'm currently waiting for Name Change Coupo…
  • Thanks so much for the confirmation!