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  • Urufu wrote: » Give me a mini Shamala that transforms into her panther form any time you use the transformation skill. Like that one white cat pet that turns into a "little girl" during eweca? I would pay so much money for that.
  • That's what I thought at first too. The first time I did have a character gem running around so I un-summoned him to see if it'd change anything. What things do they affect?
  • I crash about once a day in Belvast too and still haven't figured out why but it makes it really hard to keep a shop open Are you on the Nao server?
  • It's still happening and feel like I need to point out that it's not just Port Cobh, it's in my Homestead fishing hole, Tir, and the Bard camp as well. Is anyone else having this issue? It's gone from a little weird to 100% annoying, mostly becaus…
  • I did already have a Merlin Ace that I bought a year ago so that makes sense, thanks so much
  • There's a thread in the announcements that an admin is keeping up to date on if it's ongoing or not
  • It's been almost 10 hours of me refreshing this thread to see if there's news of it being over and I'm giving up and going to sleep. Good night and happy July 4th everyone
  • PlatinaKoki wrote: » Spareoh wrote: » I've technically been playing for 6 years now but I took a good 2 year I guess I'm only a 4 year player but I like the changes they made. I quit because I suck and I was stuck, and when I came ba…
  • I'd personally just like to have Aodhan has an avatar. Dude doesn't get enough love these days with all the new, "hotter" characters they've introduced.
  • They just posted that they're doing an unscheduled maintenance to fix this.
  • I've technically been playing for 6 years now but I took a good 2 year I guess I'm only a 4 year player but I like the changes they made. I quit because I suck and I was stuck, and when I came back with the new AP skill changes, I was ab…
  • JoeyDee9 wrote: » You can check the web shop now to see all the changed names. Have fun everyone~ Where at in the web shop? Is it a glitch? I got to keep two of my names and had to change one because it was "already taken" but I'm not reall…
  • Maia wrote: » PlatinaKoki wrote: » Maia wrote: » Yombo wrote: » What annoys me is that they didn't already have the name change ready to go with the merge. So that means they felt the merge had to happen sooner rather than later even though …
  • All I know is that they told us to "keep an eye on the main page" for when the name change coupon would be available and that was weeks ago now before the new update. I'm good and tired of the +Mari names. I don't even care about keeping my origin…
  • zoks14 wrote: » Letrie wrote: » I feel that the event "The Excitement of a Fresh Start" doesn't last long enough. You don't get any room to miss a day or two! I know right?! I just found out about this today so now i cant get the outfit even …
  • Rhey wrote: » 3? Mari is still around. She's just the first to get to use a name change coupon. VIP privilege for being mascot. That's favoritism right there XD But you're right
  • You might have that "infinite restart" glitch, try opening up task manager. Sometimes Nexon Launcher gets "stuck" trying to run and keeps itself running in the background even though something stopped it from loading, not allowing an actual instanc…
  • I never even thought about that, but Cho is right, priest/divine powers usually damage undead characters in other games because they're thought to only exist thru dark necro powers. But Wlia makes too good of a point about it being a nerf to Peac…
  • Wlia wrote: » Wolfenstin wrote: » Alshian wrote: » -snipping for space saving- Pardon my Wall of text, I have much to say Fair enough. I definitely agree that the game's late game content is basically a stone wall. Even someone like me who'…
  • Not a fix, but have you tried logging in through steam? Just to see if the problem is with your computer or with the nexon launcher itself.