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August 1, 1999
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"Once, I can't remember, I was long ago, someone strange."
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New to Mabinogi! Ardaithe means uplifting in Irish!


  • Zjura wrote: » Remarkable Thank you!!!
  • Bravelatios wrote: » woa amazing styles you have :O Thank you!! :0
  • Helsa wrote: » Quebec is almost as big as Alaska. There's a lot of it that you can be 5 minutes from. Where's your part? I lived in the very tip of Maine but now I moved to go to art school. It was between New Brunswick and Quebec City.
  • Dreadhawk wrote: » Solea, where the Star Symbol is. It is a tiny plot of land found between the two caves that connect Qilla and Vales. It was here that I spent many private hours chatting with my s/o when we met in Mabi. It is still one of the pr…
  • AlwaysMissMagnum wrote: » Damn, I really like your art style! Any chance you'd be willing to do commissions? I was looking to get my character drawn Oh! Yeah, I've been more active on the discord commission channel, but I suppose I can post my…
  • Fluorette wrote: » Your style is so cute... Ah.... That horse is beautiful! :') Thank you so much!! Musicat wrote: » Woah \o_O/ You just reminded me of a style I'd totally forgotten about. It might help me in my arts. Also, thank you for pay…
  • Here is an illustration I made of @Musicat of their cool character!
  • Helsa wrote: » If you are visiting Duncan often and holding off on mastering skills and achieving dans until later, then you don't really have to worry about -CP enchanted stuff. This might be another silly question but how often should I visit…
  • Musicat wrote: » You should see into gaining renown from the 4th and lower persons on the list (guess it's 3E: Edern, Endelyon, Eluned, and maybe someone else). Their bonuses let your character grow stronger, and I'm sure they don't depend on the …
  • Wonderful portraits! ^^
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Still Blago Prairie. Oh yeah! Blago Prairie is pretty! Any specific part of it or the location as a whole?
  • Hey! I hope it's alright to just pop in here to say that I love your artwork! The lines are so clean and the poses and expressions are so pretty!
  • Greta wrote: » It's Silva Forest in Vales xD And the other is Scathach Beach. Which is too risky to hang around. xD I see! I never actually made it to Vales because waaay back when I was an elf and didn't want to be attacked. I just stayed…
  • Kouyioue wrote: » The ice plains outside of Silva North Bring a malamute Fishing at Skatha can be fun too if you bring a partner I don't think I ever made it there before, is it difficult to get to Silva North? I also don't know where Ska…
  • Greta wrote: » The Oasis does indeed look nice, but i also seem to like Emain Matcha and Avalon areas. Emain Macha is awesome! I have never been to Avalon but I'm sure I'll make it there soon!
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » I'm honestly not sure, there've been so many... I know I'm fond of the desert, there are little pockets I find really nice...and not because of the solitude XD Yeah! The desert is big and has so much to find in it! Plus... …
  • Helsa wrote: » BTW the idea behind the exploration AP is this: each rebirth the max AP you can get from experience is 200 and from exploration 50. But the lvl 1000 milestone is based on experience. So, regardless of how many rebirths it takes yo…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » After you finish the beginner's tutorials, it is good to work on training several skill sets to above rank A to at least make things easier as you learn the game. Do basic field quests along with dungeon quests is good to he…
  • Helsa wrote: » If you want to remain under level 1000 but maximize your AP harvest I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST doing Blannid stuff, until after you decide to go above 1000. Doing Blannid will massively limit the amount of AP you earn from exp…
  • NemurikoAlexina wrote: » Many features were added to get newer players caught up with strong ones. Rebirths were made free long ago, and are still available every 6 days (less if you're low level), but Rebirth Potions are handed out all the time n…