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  • Helsa wrote: » Scarletblade wrote: » Also, instead of saying Giants should get to throw rocks, how about throwing dwarfs? that would be fun make everything purchasable from Dwarf NPC, Ducats. Dwarves are not thrown they are tossed. NO…
  • Also, we still haven't received the Masterpieces part 1 (allowing for the earlier chapters to be replyable) update for whatever reason when chapters 6 and 7 were recently made re-playable (Masterpieces part 2) in South Korea. BLEH. As someone …
  • I've had a similar thought regarding the Baltane Squire Unit. Canonically, a milletian isn't supposed to meet the Alban Knights until G19, but before even starting it this super secret group that you've never met/heard of can send you a letter nomin…
  • ThePravin wrote: » Think this may just kill what little activity those things still have. It would just be simpler to farm commerce. Unless prices and rewards for those activities were significantly higher and in that case you would probably kill …
  • It would be really cool to be able to write books that function like the other game books, so you skim through them while keeping an eye on other stuff. I actually have a bunch of collection books on my main because I expected to use MabiNovel ofte…
  • Unpayed wrote: » Crimsọn wrote: » CyborgJiro wrote: » You sell Holo as a companion, I'm 100% buying. CyborgJiro wrote: » Especially if Holo acts as a Commerce companion, works so well with this commerce update right? And Spice and Wolf is g…
  • I only have a passing familiarity of the show, but I know enough to recognize the lead characters on sight, and I think a commerce-centric crossover event sounds really cool.
  • Yes please. Honestly, if I could equip partners with a wider variety of weapons/armor, I'd probably buy a squad of them.
  • My first time getting on since the server merge and can confirm it's still happening. With multiple characters specializing in different talents, REALLY hoping this gets corrected soon. Edit: Looks like it has been! Edit 2: Nvm, looks like it's …
  • Draech wrote: » As far as I know, you need to have 5 people to start a Guild, though once it's done, they're free to leave (or you can kick them out) until you're the last one in it. That said, keep in mind the Guild Leader needs to have Premium S…
  • I also have this issue. The Folder it's supposed to be saved to doesn't even exist on this computer, and when I tried creating it myself, it had no effect. I don't even know where the interactions I previously saved are, if they even saved at all.
  • They could at least have a set time for them to be released. Like, pick a month, and if you're gonna bring them back that year, do it sometime in that month. It's better than waiting for them until you lose interest, taking a break from the game, an…