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May 19, 1991


  • I somewhat like the animation since I love the zodiac signs but the outfits themself aren't anything I feel are all that amazing, I wish we could put any ideal pose to whatever we wanted.
  • I'm just doing to while I'm on for the login event if I finish I finish if not I don't care really I'll just end up selling the metal if I do I'm not really into them. As for the event after event thing, I just got back from about a 2-year break …
  • Crittenz wrote: » Yombo wrote: » In case people are unsure, you have to stay logged in for a mabi day (36 minutes) to get the hot day. Very helpful thank you. I was wondering and was about to see if I needed to do a support ticket XD Know …
  • PumpkinRio wrote: » Greta wrote: » I guess i'm lucky for getting Sturdy Eweca Pickaxe today? I'm not sure what the drop rates are on those things, I got a giant hat lol. I know the pickaxes and other items give a success bonus but does anyone…
  • I find it kinda not worth too,I didn't really like it the first time either so when I saw it came back I was like Uhhhhaaaaaa but I'm doing it while I login for the 36min if I finish I finish if not Idc really just kills times and gives me something…
  • I don't know if this helps anyone but it works for me since at least I know which direction I'm going when I see the message come up. (Stupid watermark it says outside the gate where you start the event is north) Also, does anyone know if …
  • 3rdy wrote: » anyone know were and when the turkeys spawn? keep seeing the message that they have spawned but no turkeys. keep going around dunby like 3-4 when the message Wiki Says (north, east, south, or west of town, past potato patches) …
  • Does anyone have a picture of what the Sacred Light Chain Blade looks like on a character? Just wondering what it looks like over the flat picture they give us.
  • Is anyone else having the problem of stuff just disappearing after a channel goes under? I had it happen last week while finishing the channel disappeared and all the boxes I fished out vanished, didn't care much. But this time I DC'ed while I wa…
  • And here I thought it was just my net... Wonder if this is also why the things I fished just disappeared yesterday was on like 2hr D/C on channel 1 went to get back on the channel was gone. Got on 7 and all the stuff I fished just poof like I was…
  • Mabi6 wrote: » I'm really curious about the book pose, is it a gesture or a prop like the cup of joe. I'm really hoping it's a prop. Me too I'd love another and I've taken to a more nerdtastic look as of late.
  • I thought this guild was made a few days ago at least that's what I think I saw was going to ask for an invite then but didn't... Anyways I just got back after a long getaway from Mabi(like 2year more or less)and just trying to get back into the …
  • Going to be updating a lot soon
  • It looks like my question been asked already... Will these boxes stick around I don't have space atm so I can't open them but I don't wanna lose them either if they are going to disappear along with the event next month hope someone bothers answe…