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  • What's going to happen when they finally DO merge the servers and then the player base is still dropping? We're just gonna be right back here in 6 months without anymore servers to merge to extend the life of the game.
  • I personally think they should just make all the dyes and dye ampoules like the specific dye ampoules that let you select the color you want and can change to that color. Make it like MS Paint's color selection where you can put the color as whateve…
  • Half of this game is like this. Ever since G19, they've relied on poor design and really unbalanced gameplay. I can't say I've done the Training Grounds (I assume that's where this fight is from), because I lost my patience on the second floor and g…
  • For me, my favorite thing when I used to play this years ago used to be that you never had to do one thing a certain way. For every battle and every story, you could use whatever skill-set you wanted and there were multiple strategies in pretty much…
  • These days, I think most of the skills in the game are a pain to train. The game's skills just aren't as useful as they used to be. For the most part, there's a reason why 75% of the people in the game use chains and/or ninja because of these other …
  • Honestly, most would equip the hotkeys for each of their spirit weapons into their attack hotkeys. For example, I have one set of hotkeys for pretty much every combat talent, and in my chain slash hotkeys, I added my chain slash awakening skill. In …
  • I agree completely. I have a lot of potions in like 3 bags. Sometimes using points doesn't use them from the correct inventory and I end up having to rearrange my potions because I'm kind of OCD.
  • roastedpig wrote: » a thousand yes please for this. i screenshot everything in generations, the one time i didn’t (g21), thinking the crystal balls were always up to date, is my biggest regret in game >o
  • A necromancer talent would be cool. Especially with all the fomor stuff we've been learning like the techniques from Balor or the chain skills from Eiren. I'm sure they could work some magic.
  • I have thought the same question. It would be nice.
  • I think the main problem is that the devs don't care whether we like what is in the game or not as long as they're making money. The only way we're gonna get through to them is to not pay money on their games, and that's the only time they're gonna …
  • The scythe with the lantern on it is kinda cool in my opinion.
  • I thought G18 was where this game should have ended. They could have ended it there and it would have been fine. Pretty much everything had been done, and the game ended mostly with what it began with: The Fate of the Three Heroes (Mostly this time …
  • Sherri wrote: » I'm extremely surprised at how unfair this fight is, I can't even do anything without teleporting everywhere and constantly getting petrified.. Welcome to G19 onward (G20 excluded mostly). The game in recent years is nothing but…
  • Honestly, why bother? Who even does Festia stuff anymore? It was fun for an event, but these days it just seems unnecessary.
  • There's a lot of items that don't even get a queue at all (I'm looking at you, Synthesis skill). They need to redo the entire crafting system honestly. But then again... Half of this game needs a redesign. This is another aspect that I agree needs a…
  • Dragoolfire wrote: » I think old gear should be updated or removed completely... While I do think the old gear should be updated, removing it doesn't seem fair, especially among those items people have paid money for in the past. It wouldn't be…
  • Yeah... I'm stuck on this mission too. So far none of the advice I've gotten has helped. So far, ice spear has been the only thing that has somewhat helped, but it's just not strong enough. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm just not s…
  • They need to redo the reforge system entirely honestly. Simply adding a new reforge isn't enough. The entire system is broken and needs an overhaul. Since the game in current years has mostly relied on people having these OP reforges, those of us th…
  • You're going to have to submit a ticket. They should be able to fix it, but you have to go and let them know. It's unlikely they're going to see this post.