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  • The Survey is now closed. I will be making a new post about it in the coming days.
  • the survey will end at midnight EST tuesday! Get your voice in!
  • Wing wrote: » Neither do half of the other posts. Survey taken. awesome! there is 5 days left to do it looking forward to seeing the end result
  • Kouyioue wrote: » Always be willing to announce these things to the players, after all: you have to discriminate to get results That is, to post where the most players hang out I have been making some frequent announcements There is one w…
  • Fairyvoice wrote: » Hi. I filled out your survey, but I wanted to bring to your attention that everyone's results are likely going to be skewed. Certain categories are not ranked separately when they should be in order to collect information as ac…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » What I want to know is, how do we know that the information won't be sold off to some third party? Y'know, normal disclaimer stuff. In the current cyberworld, it should be in everyone's worries. The only company that i…
  • Past8 wrote: » Filled out : o haaaaa its not that bad :P 2 more weeks left to fill out the survey!
  • Gaea wrote: » After that bugle I have come here to tell you that I will not be filling out this survey. There is no incentive to do so. I appreciate the bump tho! Anyone is welcome to fill it out or not, its not mandatory :P Bronzebreak wrot…
  • akirakazuma wrote: » dat moment when it ask for your talent ranks *looks at all 20 grandmaster* XD i just had all the levels put in. Figured to have it in there but yeah. all the grandmasters :P
  • There are tickets to turn them permanent
  • Tsumuku wrote: » This is really going to depend on what spell you intend to use, and what your M.ATK is right now. For most cases with fire, your damage will be greater using Red. However, you'll have significantly more invested into the wand by g…
  • Ellisya wrote: » You just gain 3x3 more for each steps so... (I'm at lvl 15) Added 9x9 by using 3 tickets and... seems okay. And just do Flower Pot thing instead of seeds. They are much faster when you are level 13+ you checked the one …
  • Was that with all 3 upgrades?