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December 3, 1995
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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
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Just a positive friendly gamer, if you ever need help ask away :) Aichann of Alexina


  • Pink pets! yay, only reason why i'd buy I have the one of the event freebie, i missed the other one but I do highly enjoy them since most of them are pink and cheaply priced for a pet. I realize its random but I remember when dragons first came out…
  • I cannot log in, which sucks because I work all day and was planning to do my mission point dailies before I went to bed after work. RIP day 1 of event. :< I get stuck after character selection and cannot reach server. It is 100% not on my end…
  • Vimi wrote: » As someone that finds running Shadow Missions boring and tedious, I'm disappointed. luckily for you the drop rates are so high you could probably find the set dropped on the ground like my friend
  • badnewsbarrett wrote: » Just as someone who has trouble running Hard/can't run Elite or Lord, it just sucks the drop rates are lower. I said the same thing about the star event though. Luckily I see a lot of parties willing to help those who …
  • My friend has already seen a few of the female outfits, the drop rate can't be that bad. Though I also haven't been on yet, currently updating as we speak. (Alexina)
  • it seemed like I got 1 wings per stack .-. most wings that pop out seem to be the twinkling ones followed by hummingbirds and then cutieflys to butterflys then fallen tinys at least from what I gathered from my friends.
  • Your video is broken ^
  • I always pictured Ferghus sounding like Hagrid from HP
  • Uh yeah I don't think that's how it works....
  • @OP I think you're looking to far into it. It shouldn't matter at this point, as it's already resolved.
  • Xiokun wrote: » I want the normal handbok. Hopefully it'll be cheaper now that it's in the Gacha! By the way, this gacha's version of wings can flap instead of that weird levitation. Its not correct angel wing flapping but it's still flapping! …
  • Not trying to encourage high prices but I'd rather pay more than $10 but less than $20 for an outfit if it means I get it. I don't mean put them in gachas but other games like bdo have outfit sets selling for like $30 (Too much for me imo) and FFXIV…
  • I'll tell you right now - the Luna Crystal Staff is dead sexy, I have no idea why the image won't embed. Thanks, forums. Does it have any good stats? Or is it just for looks?
  • Honestly I'd prefer probably a lot of more girly ish animes over the popular ones such as Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura (Oh god I'd die to have Keroberos as a pet; cute form as normal and turns into the lion when you ride him >3< yes pls.), …
  • Like most listed above, I turn on music (Or my bf does) and I'll start grinding skills. We usually talk together so that usually helps. When I rank up a skill I like to try to stay in shape even after I play long hours so whenever I rank up a skill …
  • I did $25 worth of gacha, trying to aim for the Holy Eagle Mask. Instead I got Kuon's Tail (Spaghetti tail), the Wig with the beard, Nekone's Wig, Cessair Commander Robe, and 3 Fine Reforges, the rest was pretty much garbage but I can't complain.
  • Nexon has been pretty bad with events lately, and I didn't even know there was an actual gachapon until now. Lmao, I spent all my NX on the shuffle. GG If it makes you feel any better, the gachapon I bought didn't even show up in my account. I went …
  • I play a lot more in the past few months than I have in years. Just to get an idea of what I mean, I went from a 1.5k level afker/merchant to a 3.5k level endgame apprentice. I used to only log in, set up shop, then afk. Now I actually play up to 3-…
  • Hello, I'm Ai. On the old forums I was mostly known for being a bit of a obnoxious soured brat, or at least that's what I just found out. I wasn't going for that and I'm not trying to, so now that these forums are new and moving forward I'll try my…
  • I'm really confused, in the quest she claims that Briana sent her to go help out with the music appreciation group o.o She never claimed to be Briana so far...