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  • In on week 13 of gameplay and there is nothing i can not participate in. Is there places i go im weaker than my peers and it shows? Yeah. Am i gigapro solo machine? No, altho if i was human id be much more capable. This kind of ties into how bad you…
  • If you run content you can easily buy reforges and any gear. The pay to win crying is so old most ppl try to buy this stuff with gold instead of swiping anyways. Let's ask nexon to make less money. Do yall not see the trend during events and good…
  • KaibaAkayuki wrote: » also for anyone who says that we should just do metallurgy? have you done metallurgy? the odds of gems even at R1 is still pretty low. I average over 6-8 new gems an hour. And back to my point maybe they arent meant to…
  • Habimaru wrote: » Kind of have to agree with you in many ways... a time used to exist where we actually had to make our own potions if we weren't buying the 30-point potions from NPC-shops (edit/addendum: or obtaining and keeping them as rewards f…
  • I dont care about the profit. The point is going passed you but keep wishing for your free ride and wonder why the game is dieng. My disagreement with the drop has 0 to do with my profit i find it commical folks are willing to pay that. Further show…
  • Let it be bad ill call it how i see it 80% of threads are spoiled players crying they want things made easier and than nobody can say anything otherwise because its against what yall want. Just browsing far back to the new gens and all the threads o…
  • Theres this cool skill called metallurgy i get 5-6 new gems an hour but i sell them to everyone too lazy to farm their own for obnoxious prices. Theres also alban paradise of gems or good ol vet.
  • Man im new here but all i ever see is folks crying they want things spoon fed. Ever think maybe they want you to grind for something? Everyone is QQ vet as it is so lets make it rain new gems so all the spoiled players push it to dead content a mont…
  • Katherz wrote: » Mabinogi will have an unscheduled maintenance on Tuesday, December 17th. During this time, the game will be unavailable. Maintenance is expected to begin at 3:30 PM PST and last approximately 4 hours. Please note that the estim…