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  • Welcome back Zarozian-senpai. I hope you find something interesting to keep you around this time.
  • Pfff eheheheh... I mean I know I was wearing a lava cat robe before I crashed but pfft... ehehheh. This just made me laugh. It hasn't happened before, I wasn't trans'd, I wasn't near any Rat Men. resize wrote:
  • What the -removed-... I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST MY OWN CHARACTER'S /MY CLIENT AHAHAHAH - boo's account: resize wrote: EDIT: AHHHH AHHHH I SEE. AFTER THE "HOUSE" KEY, it's April 1st/Fools right? Ahh I totally missed that til I saw the thread…
  • Sherri wrote: » bunny11 wrote: » I disagree that gacha is killing the game, they just need to merge the servers and add more dungeons. Before any of that, they should fix the things that need fixed, such as the CP issue with mobs now. Many t…
  • I can't survive longer than 3 minutes sometimes, in some situations. I didn't know the cool-down for revives existed before they removed the 'loss of items on death' mechanic. I guess I was just away from the game for that long. I still want t…
  • I don't want advice on my skills/equipment, I want to freely be able to revive as many times in a row without a cool-down, like how it was in the past. Is that unreasonable?
  • WELL I'M NOT TRYING TO DIE OFTEN, OKAY?! IT JUST HAPPENS THAT WHATEVER I'M FIGHTING HITS REALLY HARD. THOSE NAO STONES RUN OUT EVENTUALLY, AND It takes really long to revive. I mean it takes only 5 seconds, but a lot can happen in 5 seconds. I'd…
  • The RNG for those skills aren't that bad in my experience. I've went through getting the RNG skills a dozen times or so. Mabinogi has some really messed up RNG when it comes to gacha or prizes like that permanent wing coupon in that one event, but I…
  • For the Troublemakers the date is: Event Dates: Thursday, March 22 - Wednesday, April 4. So even though we got the quest today, it doesn't start today riiight? Riiiiight? Better not. Humph.
  • In my opinion, everything is fairly easy/fair compared to how strong the skill is, to get nowadays. I've acquired every skill before, aside from chain skills. It was also the time before Magic Revamp, so I haven't gotten Meteor Strike or all that sh…
  • Um... Hm. I used chain blade usually for bandit spawns. It worked just the previous erinn day and now, I'm getting no badges after clearing 3 areas. Is this just me? Erm. I don't really have anything else to use as a weapon atm.
  • My preference would be a normal height/kind of short flat chested - *shot* *corpse gets trampled on by a hoard of elephants* *Ahem* Well, I do see a lot of merit for people who like a certain weight/height. It seems silly that you have to go thro…
  • To be honest Zaro, you used to go on tangents with big titled names that would be interesting to read at first, but then more just kept popping up and it became tiring. I clicked on this thread because I thought your thread was about severing ties w…
  • I did the event and here's my review: It was so damn boring, I thought it was the worst event ever. It's way worse than afking. I got a migraine which worsened afterwards and then I was thinking I would just NOT do it anymore, even though I really l…
  • Oh my god. They've added faces with coupon only. It's over, it's done, they're never going to add new regular character features for pon ever again. It's going to be gachapon forever, and I kind of introverted-ly oppose gachapon. I'm going to be stu…
  • Would you be willing to host it outside of your HS? I really miss the Emain concert hall, and liked it a lot better than the restaurant. I know there's lots of pros to hosting it in an hs, but outside seems a lot more free. I don't really have any …
  • Opalthira wrote: » I will make a thread for concerts then. +Like xInfinity plus one