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  • Helsa wrote: » CMKyrios wrote: » ... But we never finished our discussion! I bought new boxing gloves and everything! Is where you are going a secret? It'll be clear where I end up in some weeks I think!
  • Forwarding this issue. If you guys can provide more in-depth details it would be hugely appreciated, since it doesn't seem to be affecting everyone (which makes it harder to diagnose the exact issue).
  • Vaulted. Guide has been placed in the
  • Wanted to bump this topic. Today's
  • Vaulted. Guide has been placed in the
  • Vaulted. Guide has been placed in the
  • Crimsọn wrote: » But I can't get really dark reds with that... Also FIX THE FORUMS. I hate using edge!!! What's wrong with the forums now?
  • Hello everyone! We had a great time reading all of your stories. This was really fun, and we can definitely see how challenging it was to fit a story in just 300 words (a few of you sadly went over that limit). We picked out our favorite entries …
  • Hi Hontoku, this is a known issue. For now, you can ignore it since it's pretty benign!
  • Thanks for all of your submissions everyone! We'll get back to y'all by next Wednesday after we read all of them and let you know our favorite entries for the contest.
  • Hello everyone! As a reminder, today at 11:59 PM PDT (approximately 14 hours from the time of this post) is the deadline for submissions! Please remember if you're making a new account to post here for the first time that your account must be approv…
  • Hi everyone! Thank you for being patient. We've selected our favorite outfits and screenshots from all of the participants for this season! Thank you all very much for taking part and submitting your awesome costumes. They were all either great l…
  • Hello everyone! Finally an update on this issue. We've been trying to fix this for a while. The issue should be resolved during this upcoming maintenance tomorrow. If you're still experiencing issues with your mailbox after tomorrow, please submit a…
  • My dear Milletians, please give us an additional day to announce the winners! We need a little bit of extra time sorting!
  • Just a heads up that this contest is now closed! All posts before this one are valid for entry! We'll get back to you guys on our favorite summer wear by next Tuesday.
  • As with every community event with community submission, if you're posting on the forums for the first time your forum account must first be approved, and your post will be held until then. You do not need to submit a post multiple times - when we s…
  • A reminder that tonight at 11:59 PM PDT (approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes from the time of this post) is the deadline for submissions to this contest! We will pick out winners by the following Tuesday!
  • Hello all, I'm not going to vault this maintenance thread yet since it was actually updated. Please see below: - Fixed an issue when Burnishing a Faded Fynn Bead was not counting towards the Pet Trainer Event quest criteria. - We are aware of th…
  • Musicat wrote: » Um, hello? Sorry, but from reading the full rules I didn't really understand whether the allowed word count extension had taken place or not. I'm going to delete this post after I receive an answer.. The word count allowed is 3…
  • I'm pasting this here from the maintenance thread for visibility: Our team found a problem where Connous Beach Vacation actually conflicts with the Pet Trainer Event if both run simultaneously. As a result, we must postpone Connous Beach Vacation un…