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August 30, 1991
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  • As much as i would say yes having a reconnect feature would be great to have I used to have bad internet now i use my cellphone hot spot (more stable for gaming in internet lacing areas) though there r a few reasons that nexon wont allow for reconne…
  • Technically humans r the most unique race of the 3 giants dont have archery elves dont have lances. Humans also have 2 different types of trans Pally and Dark knights elves and giants only have single one. So plz tell me how can Nexon make humans mo…
  • They do need to slow the text down as it is a actual storyline not a shakespeare play that we have been force to read every year in highschool and some of middle school. or better yet if they could add a text speed option so people can decide if the…
  • Yeah VIP is crap honestly, about $76 USD for a year of service sale currently but for what honestly; unlimited CW (we got traveler book just pay gold), Durability loss (just farm holy water), extra SM daily (not worth much tbh), and use of style tab…
  • This gen was great, tired of everything being nerfed the game is way too easy for starting players they complain even though everything is handed to them now. I just tanked everything with defence to the point I was like dang defence skill is a chea…
  • Well last time I ran Peaca abyss and dc i couldnt get back in even though it had just been 2 mins since dc, i thought i would check it out more and it seem like some dungeons had that feature removed cause of exploiting it. (seems to be abyss and Ph…
  • Windmill is easier then it used to be plus getting the training counts have been made so much easier since nexon implemented tendering pots from saga, skill resets and different types of missions (shadow, Avon, Cooking, and now Baltane not to mentio…
  • Its personal opinion about how a skill set is shown, however damage wise I think it is lacking on chars that do not have dex or luck up (such as new players) yeah the weapon its self has a high damage rate higher then some 2 handers yet a newer play…
  • The ego skill and growth could be made in to something like the divine skills with the sub skills to just level it up to make them stronger that way
  • Still not a good fix, I found and got glitched too but stopped using smash in WG cause Full Swing dose more then smash
  • Wind guard is the only skill to give advance heavy stander for giants who r the tank race of game
  • WG when first released was a firmly planted giant in one place able to only use normal attack, windmill, and taunt without fail (getting hit would not cancel skills). Return of winter warrior changed WG to be a mobile tank skill which also allowed…
  • Having to normal attack 8+ enemies constantly hitting u cause all combat skills cancel upon being hit makes it about as useless as being stationary while mobs stay at bay.
  • As a giant player that hangs out with mostly elves and humans, I say Elves do need a buff and somewhat of a nerf to make them more balanced as they are still considered the strongest race in KR. Archery is Elves most powerful skill set as they ca…
  • Been having this problem for about a month and a half the thing that bugs me the most about it is i prefer to play full screen mode and not have this issue cause having to signout of computer account just to break the issue is annoying to no end, es…
  • As far as im aware the pet dose give bonus but dosent show it in the skill training or in the system part its kinda like using a training seal.
  • I do enjoy the fact that Nexon is taking into account that not everyone is combat based players and introduced a music dungeon for bards similar to the cooking dungeon for cooks (though more combat styled) Im hoping to see more dungeons made for cla…
  • Would love this as my husband and I play elf and giant respectivly but cant be married (neither of us want to play human or the other ones race cause of mains)
  • Same here tried to change channel to get help with taili daily and game crashed lets me log in but wont let me past 2nd password says try again or maintaince in progress. So sad a weekend and cant enjoy my days off from work.