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  • Same deal; can't even fix the hotkeys, they vanish again when I change characters.
  • Yes, humans can have Dampen Shock active, regardless of whether they have any buffs on, or even any equipment. Any given end-game player can do it, if we're considering high stats to be end-game.
  • Nah. That would not fly in any auction in reality. To say nothing of the potential for griefing auctioneers, if you are not willing to pay an amount for something, you should not bid that amount.
  • Mkoch99 wrote: » Eralea wrote: » I actually use the Altruism system to get help for that quest. You can select the quest you need and clarify in the message box that you need a female player to persuade Kusina and people will understand what you…
  • Why do you need armor in the first place? Armor became redundant after the STR>DEF revamp. The last thing this game needs is for its gold sinks to be removed.
  • Hmm... I am interested in the idea being implemented, but like some others, I don't see it as likely to be implemented in its current form. I could go into why upon request, but I'd rather focus this post on making an alternate suggestion. Ins…
  • Clovis15 wrote: » Apparently you can straight up buy the secret passes to this mission - from Sinead at Tara Castle - if you actually finish G11, which is probably less maddening - versus waiting for them to drop at random - considering how many t…
  • Sebastian wrote: » PlatinaKoki wrote: » GTCvActium wrote: » Please, I need another scroll so I can isolate Eirlys as the only person not in the squad. I NEED TO COLLECT HER TEARS IN A BOTTLE. Eirlys is life. Finally, something I can 100%…
  • ShouK wrote: » I agree. We also need hybrid grandmaster titles. I didn't even get a congratulations message for reaching the 20th Grandmaster, even though you get one after you obtained the 5th, 10th and 15th Grandmaster talents. That one is al…
  • Just curious, is the Puck Puppet at 0 dura? If so, there you go.
  • Veylaine wrote: » I think another problem is that they tried to bb code an image from their hard drive. The truth has finally come out. This poster is not Walkerr, as we were all led to believe, but rather... Walker! I'll let myself ou…
  • You might have a few too many -img- tags in there. Edited for forum weirdness.
  • Tatsugi wrote: » Zairak wrote: » *cough* Your cough is ignored. I wasn't talking in respect to "Player" response, I guess I should have clarified. Haha, sorry, t…
  • Tatsugi wrote: » @Gaea He said hes had it for over 4 years in his pet. As for the location... He wasn't 100% but he was almost positive that he received it from Guardian of Parthenon Hardmode S Rank. (Opposite from what I was told) Its an OL…
  • Adding my support in, excellent idea. What I'd be interested in hearing more about is what kind of equipment you'd get from the associated quest. Fishing Journal has a fishing rod, Cooking and Taming also have their special tools. What would S…
  • It is already available in game. I got one recently from a Rank S end chest in the 'Guardian of Partholon' Secret SM. Hard difficulty, if that helps.
    in Wrong. Comment by Zairak July 15, 2018
  • Well, I haven't seen a single person provide a reason for wanting to turn commas off besides 'because I want them turned off'. For that matter, I failed to conceive a reason myself, even for the purposes of playing Devil's Advocate. Still, mor…
  • Tayloreski wrote: » ... Or they could just revamp the chat and not fuse over the comma that.. should have been there already. Im sure im the only one with this issue, but i dont like the whisper system. Its never been clear to me how to us it a…
  • Lllaaazzzy wrote: » or you know its just a place holder That was the implication, yes; they added in an invisible Journal entry (or entries) until such time as they add the associated content.
  • Lucious_Loracio1 wrote: » @Zairak My predication (not sure how giving numbers and calculations counts as preaching but ok) is based on the fact that training Windmill could use tweaking. Honestly, my opinion has changed since I made this topic and…