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  • I love this gachapon. I've always wanted to have my own castle and now I do haha
  • Yeah, I imagine nobody's going to be able to complete the fourth card, if they even managed to get to it. The duplicate system is the biggest hurdle here. The more complete a bingo card becomes, the higher the chances of getting duplicates since the…
  • Crimsọn wrote: » What does the Altam title do? They didn't list the stats for that anywhere. Max Damage +28, Critical +10%, Magic Defense +12, Magic Protection +8, and Max HP +50 It's one of those older titles
  • I want the female set for my lady ghost character. She'll look awesome in that nice outfit. I hope to pull it out from the gachapon with my remaining NX I wish Nexon would also give us new armor costumes soon. I'm a fan of heavy armor (light arm…
  • I'm excited about the Altam title that's a possible item from this gachapon. I also find the gestures to be very cute, especially the "MY EYES!!!" gesture lol!
  • I agree, aside from wings, I want for there to be other wearable things that lets you fly (that's the main purpose of wings anyway). I loved the Mafia Coat and the Muffler. They looked nice and interesting. Aside from that, I would love to have an a…
  • RicciSantorum wrote: » Using premium and refined reforging tools, I still get transformation lines on rank 1 items. Almost every time, there's a transformation line. A couple times, was actually transformation duration. Am I missing something? …
  • I got more bags just like what others do, even got the Shy Bag... and all of those pets are also full of things and I already started putting my costumes in the dressing room lol! I wish there was a Mabinogi full length animated movie and one of …
  • Just learned about it earlier, but it's ok, I got what I wanted
  • I managed to get my sword from Rank 3 to Rank 1 in around 42 Premium Reforging Tools. Good luck to all
  • AisenArvalis wrote: » This is an obvious cash grab scam.. We could easily buy MORE inventory space by just buying a few pets instead. Unfortunately, a lot of the items in the game cannot be stored in pets. Event items, upgraded items, enchanted…
  • Bags... yes let's have bags meant for passes just like how we have bags/pouches for different qualities of leather, silk, and other materials. Pass Pouch would be nice. - Comes in different types: Basic Pass Pouch, Intermediate Pass Pouch, Adv…
  • It's working now! My characters can be rebirthed in 14 hours (down from 6 days a few hours earlier), thanks
  • **EDIT: It's working now as of 12:27pm. It shows my character as well as the others I have rebirthed earlier today, to only need to wait 14 hours before being able to rebirth again. Thanks!** Hi again, I managed to find a Rebirth Potion from …
  • Question about the Master Plan's "Once Per Day Free Rebirth" that started today, Dec 17. Does our cumulative level have anything to do whether or not we can enjoy this 1 rebirth per day? I just tested it on a character whose cumulative level i…
  • I think I heard there's also gonna be a Christmas sale next week right? I hope so!
  • I didn't buy a partner trade potion when the partners came back for sale during Halloween because I thought the potions were gonna be part of the shop permanently. I wish the items that we give to partners could be just repaired normally. Even if…
  • I just got the Mana Tunnel Master "achievement" in my journal now. Here's what I did. - Instead of just visiting the mana tunnels listed in the wiki, I typed in each important name in the Traveler Guide. (Ex. North Karu, I typed Karu only). - …
  • Just completed the puzzle, I like the outfit, pretty neat and the wings do move if you use the flying/wing Action, not "Cardboard Wings" lol
  • I managed to finish all of them last night, but I definitely took my time reading and enjoying the story. I even recorded G22 to 24 on video for memory's sake. I don't like skipping text especially when the story's the juicy part. Before I starte…