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May 20, 1997
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A wandering Vampire


  • Hello, if you still accept request can you please draw mine? Here's the references (Pose is up to you ^ ^)
  • Hey, would be really grateful if you could do mine. I hope the clothes interest you to do it c: Name: Nasca (of Alexina) Pose: Up to you. Character:
  • collect clothes, weapons(I seriously have too many, and don't use 99% of the ones I got), instruments, and hoard mats... Lol yea I don't even use most of my Collection either, for fear of damaging them. Lately I've got into hoarding exclusive item…
  • I think my biggest mistake was seeing people use Transformation and thought it was super cool and tried to rush and get it. Needless to say, I skipped G1 :L. Another would be minor, but I basically when training warrior, I had no understanding of CP…
  • I would personally like the idea of being able to have a 'guild's personal hall', being made like a separate interior Hall that the guild could customize and decorate.
  • @Greta I personally have several alts, so I just store them all in my bank lol. I used to use pets, but over the years it got so big I had to move to something more organized XD.
  • Hey! I quite like your suggestion. With bit of work it can actually kick off well, seeing as how the altruism system is working relatively well. I personally would enjoy this a lot. Been playing for a long time and I've had several students myself (…