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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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  • All the Re:Zero dolls will pick up all gold, ore, gems, herbs, regular potions, leather, wool, cobwebs and the such with reckless abandon. Your bags will be filled with 10/30 potions, cobwebs and leather.
  • I didn't have fond memories of Mabi Duel. Every online match I played ended the same way: I get Spear of Light-ed and then I get steamrolled.
  • Ever since whatever patch introduced the temporary beginner weapon that replaced Eiry, I've always hoped that she may appear in as an NPC or have her in a questline or even a Generation quest. Just for a little bit? Maybe?
  • I rebirth around the range of 60 to 90 or whenever it is available. If I have a soon-to-expire Rebirth Potion when I already rebirthed. I rebirth as low as 30 because I tend to find the potion expiring in an hour.
  • Why would they put the hotkeys of the useful skills all the way to the far right of the keyboard?!
  • I think of extra boxes as buffers on bad days when you get chucked to the beginning of the board repeatedly. I'm sitting on zero boxes today so not getting a box at all is making me sweat.
  • RRM wrote: » The GMs may have thought that quests like this... Just to let everyone know, GMs (game masters) are essentially the in-game enforcers and the customer service folks. They are not the ones who do the programming of events or other in-…
  • *Sigh...* Just like in the Meowbinogi event, I'm hitting the Out tile constantly. Only on Board 2, just kicked to the beginning. Again. So getting the tickets needed to buy the goodies in the prize shop (especially the expensive ones) is essentiall…
  • I just thought of some things that may or may not help but since I cannot run this mission again maybe someone here could try it out? -Ragdolls- if you have a bunch of these things attacking the doppelganger, it would stop its regeneration for even…
  • I'm not vision impaired but I would love to have no quaking cameras. Small golems are the worst since to make up for their small size they speed up their animation and their feet quakes the camera even more. I would love to have flashing criticals t…
  • As an elf, I cheesed the initial spawn of doppelgangers with Hydra+Hide. Also had to use a nao stone because the main doppelganger and some of its friends murdiddllyurdered me at the start. After that, I am mostly dealing wound damage with chainbla…
  • One thing about I noticed about the attendance event. When you get the obtain the item and you have no inventory space, it goes into temporary inventory with a 5 minute countdown. I was away on a walk while my character was fishing and I lost the mo…
  • To add to Opalthira's comment, getting a few skills to rank 1 is better than spreading your ap among many skills to rank A or so. There is some min-maxing involved in Mabi, prioritizing on specific skills (it usually is a hard hitting skill like Sma…
  • Did you hit the Complete button for [Entrance of Noitar Arat]? Do you have the [Padan's Call] quest under Alchemist?
  • Fluorette wrote: » You can tell because Akule shares a similar case, except with his masks; he only possesses the eagle mask within cutscenes, whereas on his model it will always be the monkey one even in instances where it should be the former (.…
  • The jumping happens to me too, but like only 2 times per minigame. If it is an anti-bot measure, got anything (even a little bit) suspicious running in your background?
  • I am staring at the Dead Bee for far too long.
  • Let's share how badly we did in this mission by saying how many Nao Stones we burned. I'll start: I shamefully used 13 Nao Stones to power through the battle. At least 3 of them were wasted because the instant I got up, Hasidim charged me.
  • Refining Exp reforges are found on gloves. No more needing to fill up all mithril/gold/silver/copper/iron success 100% each to rank up.