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  • Harukari wrote: » Here's two of my mabi characters if interested Wings are optional~ I consider them to be twin sisters haha. Ty for consideration~ here! :'D
  • thanks everyone for your interest and the nice comments on my art ;v;/ i decided to do one a day for 3 days, wish i had time to draw you all
  • thanks everyone for ur refs, wish i could draw all but sadly gotta pick ;3;/ ill do another one but im waiting for male refs! i wanna practice males more Saltea_Melon wrote: » Here's my mabi character: Or anyone …
  • kitteykat74 wrote: » Here's mine if any of them interest you Good luck with your warm ups! heree c:
  • MediaKlepto wrote: » Good luck with your warm up! Here are my characters if they interest you at all! here i picked on ur charas! but i felt blocked…
  • Axelrod wrote: » Alright, I said the order would be different in the freebies thread, so let's order something different! Character References + Notes and details (prompt if u wish something specific): Body:…
  • MissFortune wrote: » Here! If you're interested in using him ! Thanks in advanced here ;v;/ im done, thanks everyone else for coming i love to have various refs from where to choose! wish i had time t…
  • NekoLily wrote: » If my character interests you Hoping to see your drawings too, regardless of getting picked or not Oh, a Tail!
  • out of orders so ill bump _(:3 」∠)_
  • Okamixdimsum wrote: » There finally got it together xD you can msg me on discord for stuff. I think you added me months ago, I just didn't notice ;w; Character References: Tenrei Type of drawing: halfbody couple Notes and details: -they are…
  • Draxcon wrote: » Hiya, added you on discord, but I'll put a form in here: Character References: I would like you to do this outfit: on this character: Type of drawing: Full Body Notes and deta…
  • Enlise wrote: » I've tried to add you on discord but no response : < so I guess I'll just post here. Character References: Type of drawing : full-body Notes and details (prompt if u wish something specific…
  • a bump (´◡`)
  • Hey there! I hope ya have fun drawing I have a few OCs here if you'd like to draw one. More pictures and info are on their individual pages. Or if you're only looking to draw Mabinogi characters, these are my d…
  • Commission drop: Enlise Draxcon Okamixdimsum ClearLove Celebrendal MomoChan https://gya…