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August 8, 1991
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Kindness is free :)
About Me
I got back in to Mabi in June 2022 and am looking for new friends to play with since most of the people I used to hang with no longer play any more.


  • I would definitely participate in a more old school server option. I miss the sense of comradery and adventure when I first joined the game way back when. It was much easier to meet new people and make friends, whereas now I log on and aside from ma…
  • We`re a little rowdy but also a very friendly and accepting bunch. If you`d like to meet us before joining and get to know some of the members, we are almost always at banquet. ^-^
  • I really wish I could have made it, but had work ;( Hoping there will be another one next year though ^-^
  • This is a really cool idea. I would love to join if anyone is looking for an extra band mate on Mari server please note Satanchan IG.
  • @Ringabel Thanks for the info. Its not that I`m trying to dual wield rapiers, I know that doesn`t work. I was hoping that I could take the appearance of my lambent light and put it on another weapon. Since lambent light can`t be upgraded/reforged,…
  • +1 to make this happen On a side note, I would like to see all the chapels become unlocked for any race to get married wherever they want. I get the feud thing, but since the elves and giants don`t attack each other on sight anymore, I don`t see mu…
  • I can`t like this suggestion enough! this would really encourage new players who may be overwhelmed by all the things to do in mabi. I would suggest adding a registry (or maybe just expanding the altruism system for this) for senior players that wa…
  • I ended up voting for the reforge system revamp, but I think it should include upgrades as well. (Normal upgrades, special upgrades, etc.) Perhaps the wiki is outdated, but trying to figure out how to upgrade and improve my weapons as a new aspect o…
  • Anyway I also support bringing back doki doki. Way better rewards and lets face it, we all just miss hanging out there. I honestly wish it was a permanent location we could visit. THIS. YES. Doki would be such a great place to have permanently adde…
  • Okay, so newb-ish questions: 1.) Can an appearance scroll holding the appearance of a rapier (lambent light for example) be used on a standard sword (rainbow beam sword), or do both weapons need to be rapiers? 2.) After a weapon has been altered …
  • I wasn`t around for either the cookie wand or the 2010 Valentines event, but I did enjoy the Couple Breaker event, and Doki Doki was my favorite by far, I like that Couple Breaker offered the second title and gave a fun choice for single players too…