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  • What we call "Doki Doki Island" was originally "Nekojima Island" a cat-themed event with it's own dungeon. Nekojima was the original source of the cat-themed samurai armor that can be found in-game. But yes, I agree with the sentiment of Dokix2 bein…
    in Goodbye Comment by Felice April 14, 2019
  • asnscorpio wrote: » Not sure if you have it, but I think this is where the 2nd title for fishing comes in handy. If you mean the SAO Nishida 2nd title that boosts AFK fishing, its impossible to get anymore. Unless Nexon shells out the cash for …
  • crap, wish I had seen this sooner, I have like 8-9 Glowing Sketches stockpiled for alts/helping others, glad to hear you got it though.
  • alternatively, try copying "Ibbie" off of the wiki and pasting it into the text field. In the past, this couldn't be done, but after the updates to chat and such, basic copy/paste can be done.
  • I guess I'll point this out since everyone seems to be so focused on either the OP's literacy or lack there of, or whether or not Ninja is a newbie-friendly talent. Goblins, Kobolds and Imps are monsters in Mabi that I have nicknamed "Newbie Kill…
  • If the loss of the HCH content becomes thing at the end of the Homestead House Overhaul, I'd like to see the area's repurposed into something new. The Guild Castles are a critical feature for their dungeons. So converting them into kingdom or duked…
  • "Iyasenu wrote: » "I know that I'm thinking something like: "I can't wait for the rest of the Homestead update!" Bigger insides, more rooms, and additional functionalities, at least in some part pertaining to crafting/gathering skill training …
  • So long as it becomes possible to create a player shop that we don't have to deal with the housing channel, I will be interested.
  • Everyone complaining about Gachas. Just give it a little time. The proverbial $#!^ Storm that EA/DICE has kicked up over Star Wars Battlefront 2 will end up branding all forms of Gachapon, Loot Crates, (Insert Micro-Transaction based chance item her…
  • All that gate leads to is Tin's Place. This was home to first time character spawning0 back in 2009/2010, so you could get a feel for basic movement and combat, and is the location you could rebirth into with a Premium Card back then as well. This p…
  • so let me get this right. You're mildly offended by an animation... Of your character, while not equipped with any weapons.... Spinning around on his back and hands.... Kicking things.... Did I get that right? Honestly, I fail to see HOW you …
  • Clovis15 wrote: » To Hardmuscle: I've had a Yui for quite some time now (basically ever since a few months after the SAO event). Since Yui doesn't have a daily-usage timer, I almost never take her off. While it's worked in Shadow Missions and U…
  • Iyasenu wrote: » They shouldn't drop during that test. The Instructor even says that they aren't allowed during the test, if you choose to hear the explanation on the test. *stays in the sulking corner and uses rain cast to make a gloom clou…
  • Gaea wrote: » Yeah you're that unlucky. -pat pat- *goes and sulks in the corner*
  • A question for those who have done the Defense Dan Tests. Do HP Potions just not drop in these tests? Or am I just THAT unlucky?
  • Currently, Dan 3 Smash. My goal is all 11 of the Combat Dans before moving on to magic. Dan 2 in Combat Mastery and Dan 1 in Assault, Counter and Defense, Struggling finding Boss mobs and worthwhile archers for Windmill and Charge
  • Lets see.... 1: Yes, Windmill is still one of the earliest skills recommended to rank, not because its a pain, but because of versatility. As for Refining.... that can be ranked fairly quickly when done along-side Metallurgy. 2: The Genesis Up…
  • Oddly enough, it mush have been a glitch or something, but I got SS on Dan 3 Smash with 11950 Points, getting me the last SS I needed. Not sure if that was a glitch or something. Still.... How did you get single digit points? I thought all of the…
  • I'd love a boosted AP event. it'll help take some of the edge off of the 4k+ I need to reclaim all of my skill ranks.
    in 3xAP Comment by Felice September 6, 2017
  • AR pages were a real pain to get for me back before the dungeon revamp and we needed the special passes. I wish you the best of luck in getting them and I hope it doesn't take you 3 months, like it did me.