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  • FayeKaiba wrote: » Honestly 'bots' never bothered me. I would rather buy reforges and stuff at cheaper prices. Than paying 7m for enchant protects, 700k/1.5m for fine/crednes or anything else that people love to over price. Chargeback mule buys…
  • Just to throw my two cents in... Nexon used to have a game called Atlantica Online. It was a good game, with a decent playerbase. Then after almost a decade, it's playerbase settled to a humble number. While it was still popular in other regions,…
  • I think looking at Eiry can kinda point towards an answer for most people. Like Eiry, spirit weapons weren't the min-maxed weapons we went for at ttlv 5000, they were the personally-crafted weapons of our early Mabinogi days. We picked their type, w…
  • You can't possibly say that you're being peer reviewed by the staff if you're able to strike a message and issue a warning on something that's not even an hour old. A- There's plenty of toxic, reported things on these forums that aren't touched so …
  • Greta wrote: » I guess Nova Obliteration is better than Final Hit since there will be a less chance for people stealing your feathers... >_>... On the plus size, event's no longer racist! Now anyone can steal all the mobs instantly.
  • Linister wrote: » I don't even know what those new transformations are , when players become supertall and float around like ghosts wearing those fancy white robes... Dont quote me on this, but the aoe explosion might autokill them since the da…
  • The only thing that bothers me about the whole "contact a moderator" thing is that my mind can't really wrap around the idea of telling a person if you don't like what their doing. If they're not on a power trip, they'd be able to solve this publicl…
  • You know what, my bad. Sorry, thanks for taking the time to clean it. Transparency helps people from making assumptions, but obviously my assumptions here were wrong and for that I apologize.