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  • Real Hands with defined fingers - finally! The male Beast? Outfit has black nail polish on the long, pointed nails, too. Pretty spiffy~ Might not be my personal style, but I think those aspects of it are awesome.
  • Apparently the npc's name is Etain. Lovely character design and the theme for npc is also quite pretty~
  • In case anyone was wondering: -Both the Luminous and Abyss Catsidhe are dyable (looks like ornamentation portion only? The metal portion). - Pet medalions can definitely be used on Abyss to trade to other players, and I would guess on Luminous, …
  • KR Catsidhe pet video for anyone who hasn't seen it before: I have been dying to get this thing since KR announced it..but I thought surely it would be dyable ^^;; It is cute beyond belief.
  • Anyone know if the Catsidhe pets are dyable? (edit: confirmed both are dyable - metal ornamentation part only)
  • x.x
    in dude Comment by eikoden January 8, 2020
  • I had similar issue. I think I got around it by going in via the like a gach advert in launcher and it takes you to cash shop via web browser? Then when you purchase the stuff I think it'll appear in your in-game cash shop thing. It'…
  • Going to stick this in here since it's already made re: VIP Service and I feel I need to address the issue of the campfire kits not coming in assorted colors anymore (gray only). Does anyone know if this is permanent or temporary? I had listed a gr…
  • The layout for the description of this event is beautiful. I love the colored tape ^.^ These rewards look 'fantastic'! (tee-hee)
  • " Translation from the mabinogi KR facebook page: "Helping Grandpa and grandma's beautiful memories trip, Receive the precious gift you two have prepared! healing and SEO Dream event Grandpa's request - if you give water to the sunflower …
  • As of 7:20 pm on 8/6 NPCs in Port Cobh again missing on Nao Server. Channels 8,9, 10. Other channels appear ok.
  • Yombo wrote: » I was having some troubles in ch2 myself. Didn't notice anything npc wise though. I checked around in Tir, Dunby and some other areas of channel 2 and didn't spot any issues with npcs (other than Port Cobh) at that point the morn…
  • I wouldn't personally be in Channel 2, 10 or if 5 is also reporting problems, then that channel either. I know that the npc disappearance problem for certain npcs (see my post) seemed to originate in ch 2. Channel 10 was also affected by this. I did…
  • Yes. When I had +Mari tag on name, my notes were MIA, but once I retrieved the original name, they were restored. I don't recall us being warned about that, but in some ways, I suppose it makes sense, as it is a name change. In the end I am happy I …
  • Leinei wrote: » Hey, guys, if you get any weird errors, check the housing bank in case you have a check waiting for you to collect. That got in the way of the case of my husband's and my characters. Thank you to everyone who has mentioned this…
  • Very unhappy and stressed atm. It would have been nice to have asked people to select a main character for each account and to have prioritized main characters firstly. Some of us only really play one character. And we're going through this an…
  • Also: if you hate the dress so much guys, why even bother posting on it? Of course you can't miss an opportunity then to attack someone over it. And that's really what's going on here. IF you really DON'T like the dress and don't care about it, then…
  • Actually you did hit "like" on the comment saying that it was "arrogant." So I would consider that derailing from the topic of the maple dress being dyable to begin with. The fact that I've been attacked by Greta and others on other posts, as well, …
  • Funny, too how Jazmyn decides to gang up when they actually did the same thing to their poll "No. I like being obnoxious" I actually wouldn't have taken your poll to be in seriousness, either.…