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  • Giegue wrote: » I've been wearing this Cores Thief Outfit since the dawn of Mabinogi. I'm super attached to it as much as it's a pre-beta modeled outfit and looks like garbage compared to newer stuff. I feel it's always gone well with the thie…
  • Harukari wrote: » Yooni wrote: » -snip- -snip- Well, clearly you have great taste. :') Usually I don't wear quite so much purple, but I like it for this outfit. Yay for pants!
  • ^ Two words: stinkin' adorable c: Definitely had Spring on the mind while dyeing this outfit @^@
  • @ShouK The chisels don't disappear at 7AM. I forgot to use mine yesterday and when I logged in today, I still had 10 chisels in my inventory. So, to answer your question, yeah, you can just stockpile the chisels and spam SM when you have time. That'…
  • I've been collecting as many screenshots of problematic questions as possible. This is just a handful; there's definitely more out there that I'm missing. Hopefully this qualifies as sufficient visual evidence, though. Inaccurate Bowser is…
  • After spending well over a thousand tickets on special boxes and wading through piles of police outfits and nigh useless potions, I finally got a Carasek bag coupon. ; - ; I'm so happy... Now to decide whether to keep it or sell it... But yeah! D…
  • I've wanted the Theatrical Troupe costume for years, and I'm so happy I finally got it~ (Also everyone's outfits are so cuteeeee) Headgear: Shamaness Hair Band Body: Theatrical Troupe Outfit Handgear: Ranger Gloves Footwear: Shamaness Sho…