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  • Caravan joe is at the top and Millia is a close second.
  • IGN: Koken Server: Tarlach Anime: Fate/Prototype Character: Proto Saber (Arthur)
  • Nearly wrote: » You have any more of those memes? Sylek wrote: » Why do people only focus on the elves? I get that there was a thing between elves and giants that not everyone does anymore, but humans exist too. With Wind Guard getting buffe…
  • Nearly wrote: » You have any more of those memes? Sylek wrote: » justshowing wrote: » Nearly wrote: » could you redo that pick so that the giant is looking down at the elves like elves are worthless. we need an update for elves.... …
  • I would rather Tarlach x Mari merge. But I am totally up for server merges as you can only get a few rando girg runs every other day on my own server.
  • Reading through this thread brings back an old itch of mine from the ancient forums. To see an Elf QQ thread spawn once more into this cold, dead, plane, of a forum. All I can say is. QQ Moar. You sorry sacks of flesh that call yourselves elves…
  • I would much rather it to be the Giant update, or Dan update. Hopefully both at once so I dont have to wait so long for great armor and something other than vales shield. It is far too soon for Chainblade update since it still has to go through t…
  • Rhey wrote: » I don't think giants can solo 4 the title yet...No FH/HIDE/MAG SPAM/CRK BASHING. Unless I'm late to the party. We giants will have our time with the Queen. While some have already met the Queen through resourcefullness and patien…
  • Hopefully they will use this as a test bed for an engine. Then do a Graphic and Engine overhaul of Mabinogi. It would certainly bring new life back into this ancient game. I mean look at it. It has hair physics on long hair. It will probably hav…
  • So to ask. Does anyone know if the GM Cleric bonuses stack with other players GM cleric bonuses?
  • Bump, updated things.
    in -clear- Comment by Koken June 25, 2017