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  • Xxemopuppet wrote: » I love the merge and everything... but its really unfair how the older players are treated. leveling and gaining skills "with the skill potions" is cheating. Us older players didnt have that. We had to GRIND YEARS for those sk…
  • Lidrster wrote: » Or just remove it from the inventory once it's used, like most consumables... Was thinking of the same thing. nomigid15 wrote: » Alternatively, make the effect of the book not go away after use. (Seriously, what's the po…
  • Greta wrote: » Aaaaand that's enough forums for me this week. I'm flattered
  • Isn't Jousting that wannabe rock paper scissors?
  • My character is all about going next to people and saying "I'm more handsome than you", then bolting off.
  • Kimasy wrote: » I went to Korean Mabi wiki, they said you have to be in '4 person party' which is why I don't have one yet too. haha... Wow that's actually something we haven't tried yet Thanks a lot! We'll try it and tell you how it went
  • Samuruu wrote: » As a magic user I've always wanted passive chain casting but always figured it would be too OP, glad to see this lol. I never understood why they would be "op" in the first place, considering we have final hit and final strike …
  • I saw that ego revamp video where somebody had a maxed staff with chaincast on it, and spammed fireballs like crazy!
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » And through the power of incredible jealously, I too shall continue working on my arms and abs. Then...ladies will get excited when I strip down cosplaying as...Kaour. Or Huw. You know what, maybe treasure hunter. People l…
  • This problem is only worth 3.6 roentgens, I don't know why you guys bother with it so much... But ummm, something I always do when I get web errors is: try a different browser, clear cache, try a proxy, etc. Webshop works for me on chrome
  • THICCthighssavelives wrote: » With its short time limit, fossil restoration is more of an action mini-game than a thinking puzzle. If we had unlimited restoration time but extremely complex and detailed fossils, then I think it would be an improve…
  • DangerousDitch wrote: » I suppose I may just have an issue for not wanting to punch buffalo when sm/tech/phant/alban/field mobs that arent freaking buffalo exist. You're a horrible person for not wanting to punch buffalos! >:-(
  • aef8234 wrote: » That's not common at all dude, no one uses tower cylinders and people only use ego towers for hydra these days. Umm, he meant the first person view from the tower cylinder, not what we refer to "ego" (spirit weapon)
  • Megasoul wrote: » Xafnir wrote: » The boss didn't switch aggro as once i used Tenacious Taunt and it still didn't work The two exclamation marks above the boss indicate that, yes, the boss recognized you. In both of the videos the boss has ag…
  • Shakaya wrote: » ***furiously rants for days about a children's puzzle*** Shakaya wrote: » I'm not even mad
  • Greta wrote: » It is an insult. Read the definition of it... So if instead of saying "You are a snowflake" I say "You are a person that gets offended unreasonably much", is it still considered an insult? Because that's basically it's definitio…
  • Greta wrote: » You sure bro? A tiny bit more faith in humanity lost... You guys consider "snowflake" an insult... I know what I'M dealing with here...
  • Sherri wrote: » He used the insult 'snowflake'.. I see what we are dealing with here. I just lost a tiny bit more faith in humanity... via Imgflip Meme Generator
  • Greta wrote: » It was unnecessary to quote that. And no. I suck at math, but i'm good with grammar. How would you feel if i say something like: If you can't write then you must be brain dead? There's just too many examples of things that "brain de…