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  • So uh.... as it turns out, the second title coupons are not bank tradeable or mailable, and I'm assuming they aren't regular tradeable either. Needless to say, that's not at all normal, to my knowledge only the Vocaloid 2nd titles way back have been…
  • Unless I am horribly misremembering here, during the stream they said that the Wings of Light were the blue ones, while the orange ones were the Wings of Twilight. The KR site seems to support this. Yet, in the event post, it claims the Wings of Lig…
  • The Shyllien Nature Reserve is a young forest, one that has only recently begun growing again. Of course there are no giant, mature trees yet, in the context of the game it hasn't been around long enough for them to grow to adulthood. Saplings, Shru…
  • From the wiki Connous was once a lush forest and a large green prairie, but some major event [The Curse of Irinid] in the past changed it into a barren sand dune desert forever. And in conversations with various NPCs throughout Iria and the sto…
  • Apollodorus wrote: » Elves come from the desert, they don't need a forest themed summon. Don't get all Mabinogi duel on me. Crisis1 wrote: » elves live in the desert. Only because of the curse of Irinid. Filia was originally a lush magical f…
  • I think Elves should have the benefit of a reduced casting time (say, 70 or 80% of the casting time of the other two races), and just a couple Elf-exclusive magic skills. Nature magic would be nice, maybe a spell that's somewhere between bolt and in…
  • I am so happy about this, I've been hoping for so long for Homestead stuff that's not just miniatures and actually useful.