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  • The seventh (final?) part of Fantastic Melody/15th Anniversary info is now on the event page~! Click the book and flip through its pages to see some of the new prizes~! h…
  • If Google Translate is to be appears that they just made new "face slot" versions of some older glasses and masks. That's a bummer for those of us who wanted them to just update the older…
  • Can...can I just say that I really, REALLY love that recruitment picture?! I've seen Leo around before (and their cosplay alone is amazing!), but I didn't know you guys had outfits for the rest of the royal family~! Good luck with your recruitme…
  • Sebastian wrote: » Will all previous glasses also be compatible? I hope so, but I wouldn't count on it. Negumiko wrote: » does this face tab allow you to equip ears and headbands as well? I would actually use wigs if they didn't prevent me from …
  • A dozen or so pets got the +Server tag, but it looks like all of my characters had unique names. I can personally live with the tag, but it may take some getting used to.
  • I really hope those with active service are compensated for lost time during the merge maintenance.
  • It's nice to see the Lantern event back. I hope that means that the Matsuri outfits and decorations are returning~! I'm personally hyped for Celestial Daydream--I was really excited to see those outfits pop on in the Dressing Room in the last updat…
  • I'm so excited we're finally getting the Tennis Bingo event~! I've already made room for the new props, so I'm ready to add in a court to play in~!
  • Gaea's already created a thread about the new BGM Update, but there's more information on its Fantastic Melody page. I can't translate all the details, but it looks like the…
  • A new video has been posted to the Fantastic Melody event page~! It looks like it's advertising their 15th Anniversary events in a rap-style song. I guess this is why they …
  • I'm really happy the Warm Hot Spring Basket is finally getting released~! I can't wait to set up my winter onsen~!
  • New teaser video is up~! It looks like we'll be getting some more music videos next week, too.
  • Rinzaru wrote: » what new lightning beast pets? These. I'm surprised we don't have them yet, actually.
  • 5 more videos have been added to the Fantastic Melody Index page, in case anyone's curious~! A New Town: Standing Before the Gate: Moonlight Dancing on a Hammer (Hot): Innocence in the Night: An Old Story from Grandma (Piano Concerto Ver.…
  • I'd really like a comeback of my two favorite dyes, and the return of the Aces dye sets if it's not too much trouble~! #DE6D6D #FF5454
  • Thank you very much for the clarification, Soraite! This new system looks like it'll be fun to play around with if we ever get it!
  • I really hope our version of the new Wing Box will include the hot spring items too~! I personally don't mind having another wing-centric gachapon, since a l…
  • I personally really like the HS Auroras! I hope we get this event soon~!
  • WolfandWolf wrote: » If anyone happens to have gotten the Winter Greenhouse and has the chance, would you mind posting more pics of the inside? ^ ^ I'm not sure if I want to try and get it or not. Here's some more pictures of the Winter Royal…
  • WolfandWolf wrote: » I do like the dress! A full length dress isn't something we've had in a while. Usually it's miniskirts or a dress with a very large open space in the middle or something. And that greenhouse! !! I wish there were more p…