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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that


  • There's something weird about this beach.. and there's something weird about this ice cream. I'm not sure they're meant to glow like this. But y'know.. what's the worst that could happen? Aton Cimeni won't mind if we swim in here, right? Whoa, …
  • IGN: Daktaro Server: Alexina There are many things I'm thankful for, but this hit me right in the heart and made a big impact cuz I'd been waiting for years haha! Thank you so much
  • Yeah, it has been an issue forever. I can only guess but am thinking it hasn't been fixed because it's not an issue in Korea, since is to do with ping. All the players there are spread over a smaller area, closer to their host servers and have bette…
  • fair enough to me it's the opposite. imo the new ones look weird since the rest of the body has the highlight but the face does not, and without it the nose also blends into the face.
  • Another one I didn't catch from earlier, before Conclusion but forgot which quest it was. Unless Llywelyn just calls him that for some reason lol
  • instant load chat log? fighter skills fix? is this real life? thank u staff
  • irrelevant if it's free or not to clarify my post before, i wasn't agreeing with people should get written up or fired, that's too far imo but more the it's getting a bit ridiculous and why is this even happening and continuing to happen
  • ^ honestly i really do not want to be harsh or unjustified and i 100% understand human error, accidents and miscommunication exists everyone deserves to be given a break now and then but we have gotten inaccurate information so. many. times. now…
  • so far i liked g20 the most a lot of the times i play the generations and forget the story almost immediately after, but this one had parts that were memorable and fun i like the banter between the characters and the slice of life stuffs i also l…
  • my main can just trololol but also doing it on a 400 something ttl human, doesnt have final hit or anything except basic as combat. i just dual wield the phoenix feather swords from this event and use tuan pet from music Q event to help take aggro. …
  • spamella wrote: » TNinja wrote: » I wish the search bar could actually wormk as a search bar, and not screw you over becaus eyou didn't type in the full name mof the item you seek They fixed that part but you still have to caps it right. n…
  • haha i actually have one picture with zaro i was like ooo a shiny golem then like o, its that guy from the forums
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » Hey look we can all rejoice we get a free tracksuit. even though a noragami crossover would be cool it'd be another tracksuit i can't look at the suspiciously blinged out w/e without thinking of yato tbh lol tryna dye mine …
  • i've never been that rich P: biggest gold buy i think was raccoon cub pirate captain suit for 15m before it came out of gacha biggest sell.. i think a dance gesture coupon for 5m? lol i usually sell lots of small things to make money biggest nx p…
  • imma second the idea of everyone lol all npc should have a portrait my personal preference top 3 tho would be argel (he looks cool), art (it’s sad his gf has one and he doesn’t) and shuan (he’s pretty involved in gameplay)
  • I don’t mind eluned outfits being released, only wish they would bring the original back at the same time :’( like same outfits for M and F together. the last time the regular baseball stuff came was 2 years ago... want a baseball bat but the M one…
  • i'm half and half on afk events, sometimes it's good to have one in the background but not too many after each other and 10 hours for this phoenix one is insanely long. mabi hurts PC too much to keep running for so long. some of the best times i've…
  • can confirm Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor (M) also Dance Gesture Coupon and Totem Reset Coupon
  • not npc but I like the dan test/arena music!!! npc ones I like eiren, huw, brenda, keith and simon also like that one on ceo island and the homestead theme
  • THICCthighssavelives wrote: » What ever happened to the Miss Match title? they got the name/translation wrong, it’s actually “Quilted Memories” listed stats wrong too, it’s actually +10 str +10 dex +100 stam +3 music buff do all 3 job quests 5 …