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  • My husband and I were having this problem. We reset our router after seeing it was a possible solution. Now we can get to character select, but then it tells us Alexina is under maintenance? Also, for any Nexon employees, I'm in the USA running win…
  • I'm not interested in the broom pet (I really hate skinny tall inventories...), but you can't trade the special bottle caps for regular bottle caps until you have gotten the I guess I don't care about special bottle caps. Does the daily que…
  • Cleaning up the streets, by giving mabi players junk from opening the boxes, most of which has literally no value and will be dropped on the ground. At least it disappears fast! xD
  • I've opened nearly 1000 traps (item fishing pole and trashing anything but diamonds gem-wise since I already have multiple pets overflowing with 10cm gems) and have yet to see the black bag.
  • I only caught 8 glacier smelts with that entire stack of bait. How are you supposed to get more or do I really have to wait until Saturday hot time?
  • MizukiHayama wrote: » Arogwen wrote: » It looks like we're supposed to get a title today but I didn't get anything upon logging in? I'm over lvl 30 and didn't log in until afternoon... Correct me if I am wrong, but is the title not tomorrow? …
  • It looks like we're supposed to get a title today but I didn't get anything upon logging in? I'm over lvl 30 and didn't log in until afternoon...
  • My husband and I were checking it out and I got a lot more leaves than he did. You can't trade the coupons, but you can trade the 'Maple leaf of __' (hubby decided to ignore the event and tried to give me what he'd gotten so far) Not certain if you …
  • Logged in, got Fez Figure. o-o
  • I'm trying to update the wiki on a few things and my primary question is how big is the Black Bag in your inventory? Is it 1x1? Is it 2x3? Anyone gotten one?
  • Since upon logging this seems different than I assumed from reading the event posting... So, you need to stay logged in for however long you want the points for and only then do you hit 'get stamp'? From reading the event posting I assumed you had…
  • I am so glad I waited for the forum about this item before buying it. I'd won free NX from that facebook like contest, and even with free NX this would have been a rip off.
  • I logged on to see I had mail. I actually won! Thanks so much!
  • Eralea wrote: » Can I just point this out Gulliver Joe is in Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton, but not in Vales Why I logged in just to comment on this. "Return to Physis"...but don't actually do anything there.
  • You'll need to click "Receive item" to get your items, they will not be automatically delivered to your inventory Does this mean if you leave yourself logged in while you sleep it will only count the first hour until you click "Receive Item"? I …
  • I'm glad to see people have gotten it! I'll keep trying.
  • I bought one, got a Lento. 800 dye gachapons inside. The dyes inside the gachapons are also time-limited and untradeable, and since they are time-limited they can't be synthed, either. Even if I trash the flashies and junk colors, I'm going to be sp…
  • I read someone else's post about it and I don't know why I thought the math sounded right. Always double check! I still don't like how they restrict both how many wood you can get *and* how many you can turn in. One or the other would be enough to p…
  • So, in order to get the Greenhouse prop you can't miss a single day? Why limit both how many essences you can get in a day AND how many pieces of wood you can turn in? I didn't realize he only took one piece of wood per conversation on the first day…
  • That's what I thought. Boooo *tosses them*