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  • 400% shadow crystal doesn't increase gold i heard? It have to be way cheaper than 360%
  • Ottilie_Rosamond wrote: » Opalthira wrote: » 35 x 500k = 17.5mil But gl getting them to sell at that price. Yikes. I don't have that type of real money to be throwing around. LOL My friend bought 50 fines for 31m recently
  • Kadalyn wrote: » I'm pretty sure I've also been skill-locked without displacement, so I think they may be separate issues? I believe it's the same issue. Most probably, because of network delay character get displacement, when character tries to …
  • Ellisya wrote: » According to Mabinogi Showcase (live) interview. - They are working on location lag by changing logic??? w/e Please save NA server.... OH, after all those years they finally going to fix those raft and elf freezes! Yay~! Plz a…
  • Hinotama wrote: » This looks better than the pc game. Yeah, but that running animation was really weird. Looks like they're reusing some stuff from original game. It looks really nice in general. I would play, if it's going to work on emulator …
  • Doable things: - to improve network latency - implement regional channels (one channel per server physically located in EU (and AU)) - regional prices per country, steam style (10$ != 10eur ) Naive phantasies: - remove reforges. - fix bugs: e…
  • I confirm, game barely playable.
  • If it won't break direct client launch with a batch file - i'll live with it. Starting that launcher just to patch the game isn't that horrible. If not... gotta reimplement launcher myself
  • Game had 7 directors, last one was director of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds apparently마비노기
  • Saygo wrote: » Hi Miletians, Hi! Worst GM (or CM) is that doesn't care about the game, so here's your handbook It will come handy in times when someone suddenly ask you game related questions during…