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  • Musicat wrote: » As stated above, The Meow is pretty sure that for a period after the first merge there's been a service for those whose names were badly affected, including pets, that allowed to change the +Server-ed names for free once. It might…
  • That doesn't really explain why I was able to chug down 2 at the Weekend and now I can't. Even those i have from long Ago have an updated Description.
  • Greta wrote: » Pretty sure this is a thing from the start it got introduced. No not really. I know that I used those Pots everyday. Also Wiki still has the old description.
  • I really hoped that this would be like the Treasure Chest event. But this is... just wow. EDIT: Well, At least we can get them from Shadow Missions. So at least something.
  • Thanks a lot. I really got it all wrong. Maybe it's really worth putting Points in it.
  • JJ wrote: » Xerter wrote: » That would be nice since im in european timezone too. Yeah, i just recently came back to upgrade Echostones. I forgot to say, we're on the Nao server. If you're on there too, please pm me your in-game name when you…
  • JJ wrote: » Totems and homestead figures that give stats can help a pinch. If you've not been training renown, start now (I'm guilty of this). They will increase your average crit damage. Don't forget about echo stones. They ignore the stat cap a…
  • Yeah, i decided to buy them. I'm not testing myself. I real,y need the crystals but with under 10m gold it's not something i van afford esp. the Bigger ones.
  • Fair enough, I haven't reached Cooking r1. Every other skill is pretty much r1. And that's my problem why i feel weak.
  • Timefall wrote: » Your fighting style contributes quite a bit to how strong you are. Gathering enemies in one spot and using chain sweep or other AoE does far far more than running around using bash or windmill. If you like magic, the Spirit Staff…
  • Okay, to clarify. Yes I mend first person. Idk If it is cultural differences or something but we say, for Example "Ego Shooter" instead of "First Person Shooter" here. And that is not a term that just recently came up but okay. Also, yeah I forgot …
  • Mizukaze wrote: » irgendein Deutsch Spieler? Ich lerne und würde möchte spiel. Hey, falls du noch einen Deutsch Spieler Suchst, ich bin gerne dabei. Ich bin ein Mabi Veteran. Falls du lust hast, ich stehe dir gerne zur seite~
  • I've done it with Fast Pets to stay away from it while in First Phase to get away and to aggro the other Knights. After the Cutsene I did the same, this time slightly closer. To react when it does its Paralysis/Daage thingy. And with WotG and Chain …
  • It happening to me, too. Even tough I am able to log in, I have a lot of Problems to get there. It takeds me about 10 restarts to finally play Mabi.
  • Eralea wrote: » Hi I am New Zealand tourist come to visit the Bergkirchweih It's very rowdy so I'm hiding somewhere and getting bored Can I chat with you guys instead I don't speak a lick of German tho So you just want to speak with…
  • I have played Mabinogi now for like 4-5 Years. And I noticed, that there aren't that many active Players, like there where some years ago. And this was my main reason to leave Mabinogi for like 6 Months. But nothing changed. I fairly see new Pla…