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  • "A little". Anybody know where I can buy a pitchfork online?
  • nevyn25 wrote: » I think the new apostle raids will be the most anticipated this. I can't wait for Hasidim raids, he's tough but he's such an interesting boss. Plus, from what I've seen on youtube, Hasidim raids will be accessible through Emain …
  • SoraHakuDA wrote: » Alright, yeah i have tried most of the above prior to posting this. My main issue is his dashing. I have managed to trap him somewhere where the knights are all together with it and the other 3 enemies can't reach them ( since …
  • I don't think he does that in the first fight, I've only seen him using that in city ruins. Hasidim's first fight was pretty easy.
  • I don't know how to deal with him when you're trapped, so I'm not sure how helpful this advice might be, but I just restarted the mission if I got trapped. You're supposed to crit him to break the trap, so way of the gun is great for rescuing the N…
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » I didn't mean to come off as condescending what I meant was simply "Total level means a lot" I'm referring to the overall picture too, I doubt many people at all get 200 per RB. I get like 160-170 at most if I'm playing a lot. …
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » I really hope you're kidding, either that or your new. Shine of eweca under total 1k gives ~60 to all stats, at level 40k it gives ~350 to all stats some even push into the 400's. An extra 350 in a stat is pretty crazy compared…
  • Greta wrote: » There are almost no benefits for being 5k or 10k anyway. That's why I'm saying it's not worth leveling anymore, unless there's an update like this one. I'd rather get a pet with big inventory, passes, a quest that gives stupid amou…
  • I've just reached 5k a month or two ago I guess it's time to stop rebirthing and only log in for events until 10k totals get beginner benefits?
  • Thanks for your responses. Riwer wrote: » Happening to me too. Did it just disappear at some point, or does it show up sometimes and sometimes doesn't? I know that Nexon loves region-locking stuff, and I'm in Europe, so I thought maybe they decid…