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November 16, 1998
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Plblth Plehp
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Use to play when it first came out, hiatus, came back and old acc was gone. made a new one, hiatus, saw lorna/pan newb stuff. new account. anyway im on ruairi so note me if any yall wanna be a friend or nah. mentally ill and trans. has insomnia and likes to draw and eat.


  • i cant even enter the Trials because dero keeps saying "idk what that doll thing you have on you but you can only enter by yourself" but i dont have anything on me???? ;x; and idk why it keeps saying that but its pissing me off
  • -- having people make pedophilic comments, those who are ableist (abliest? im dumb and also cant spell anything ever.), homophobic, racist... its just i know this trash game cant be Perfect but it really turns me off when i see people bypass the fil…
  • i... was in middle school? like, maybe 8 years old (i could be wrong because im an absolute idiot and dont remember anything),, i was just Really young and now im like. almost 19. my moms in her 40s and she plays daily and its nice to talk (more lik…
  • man i dig the fidget spinner meme but i feel like its getting to the point where i hate them bc of it and its kinda a trashy feeling bc theyre for people who need to stim, not for memes..
  • are any of the outfits dropped have idle animations? :0
  • im really mad at this gachapon. ive been looking forward to the tea party outfits since i knew about them and now im just. dissapointed. i dont want other dumb crap like 20 dyes that i cant sell or use. i wouldve spent more money on outfit boxes tha…
  • i literally have never heard of that in my life maybe you should have made it more clear bc idk not everyone knows everything or has read a magazine
  • "There was a misunderstanding in that thread on my part. People have a hard time understanding me apparently." i mean, in this thread of course because you literally titled it as 'who wore it better' and gave no other indications that this was a thr…
  • idk about the alban knights yet but i was talkin to everyone like you were Suppose to and im like "wow. ur hair looks like ramen." "And! my hair looks like ramen!" i almost started crying from laughing so hard. why would u style ur hair after ramen…
  • AlmostNotsuper wrote: » Raincloud95 wrote: » does he like, spend 30 mins walking from one port to another? cus while the "peddler is moving from one port to another" msg is scrolling hes in neither area Sucks to not have a mount. ive actu…
  • im still salty that the boxes are rng..... lemme just.. buy my outfit set and use my coins for nao stones i dont wanna spend them all trying to get outfits jesus cchrist
  • im an hour ahead and got in like after 30 minutes it started. i couldnt even find the mods bc everything was so laggy i didnt know what i expected but it wasnt the camping kit with food i couldnt collect [gotta collect them all ig] im seeing talk …
  • is.. is it just me or.. are there two joes spawned on top of each other? it makes it very hard to like click on one. or its just me and sleep deprivation,??
  • its the luck of the cards and the luck is -2% for some people also i kind of idk like the fixed colors of the wings? because you can just trade them and if you have to dye them its like a hassle to find the right color dye that you like,,?? idk im…
  • lmao im super mad. its a wonderful wing box. not,,, wonderful dye/training pots. i think more people would buy the wing gatcha if it was just wings and there was yknow...... a /chance/ at getting wings. like make some of the wings rarer?? like falle…
  • im glad they extended it!! now me and my mom can get the outfit set!! well, i hope for her lmao im rlly jittery bc of this lmao
  • everything is so confusing?? how the hecki do u do this event i just want the hs props and mini gems to sell later
  • ok so it drops a fondue stick! from the fondue boopers. i got three but like.. even with the stick im barely doing decent damage? my pets are doing more dmg than me. and same? ive been killing them and its only showing like 4/4/3/2/1 and its like? i…
  • Shinoryoshu wrote: » I can't even beat the kitchen thing...whats the secret to it? i was in the stream, and apparently you have to attack uhh.. a fork? spoon? thing? and its suppose to drop a knife so its easier to attack the other monsters ;v;
  • speaking of rng... is it bad for the wings? since not many people have posted. i was gonna go snag some cash to get nx but im just,,, is it worth it if people are getting pots and dyes? .v.