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  • bet when you get ur name back or somehow that the notes comes back along with other server notes =P
  • Atleast
    in First Comment by Senji June 4, 2019
  • still nexon abandoned the original nao server taking a screwdriver on us and put it on power drive.... to play First Come First Serve when we already had it first in the first place before the split of the server. getting the short e…
  • to much work to do #00 system but hey its done and cant stop a sheep following after KR attempt
  • take mari, rui and tar to the dirt they aint the original Servers. rip double post ought to add the Title " Year of the Millitian Title to the Algorythm.... 1st Yr Millitian 2nd 3rd yr etc ..... Maia wrote: » Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi…
  • yep ... for the day to come where Some other person takes your name" Destroys Your Identity " ...... may the Old Nao server users of the first 3 yrs rest in pieces.....due to nexon's failure to notice mistake after the split that day
  • Having Family Names / Team Name as Suffix would have been better off than " There Can Only Be One " Princess of the universe
  • Lenari wrote: » Katherz wrote: » As noted in FAQ2, to prevent "name-stealing" and to protect the original character names that have the added server tag, the original names will not be available when creating a new character or pet, temporarily.…
  • As noted in FAQ2, to prevent "name-stealing" and to protect the original character names that have the added server tag, the original names will not be available when creating a new character or pet, temporarily. When the free name change system is …
  • one thing that is 100% successful is Tree of Savior. Family Name system setup that adds a Suffix to the game, so as soon as users logs to the world or log to their char selection that they have to input a last name for the Family before logging in t…
  • tagging user names with earliest creating with #001 and so on OR Tagging Mari being #001 (Old former Nao Server Users placed in Mari as far i know) Ruiri as #002 then Tarlach with #003 with the current chars out there and rest after that are RNG #ta…
  • what was once an OLD Nao server then split into 3 then being Merge into and calling it " NEW NAO SERVER " .... killing the uniqueness that 1-3 year millitians names gained .... instead of being Senji now running around as Senji+NEXONDontcareif your …
  • welp then uniqueness is forcefully put into the Blender and Murdered in cold blood towards users of Former Nao Users... before the server split and now being merged. All i could say that users raced to have their names first made before anyone else …
  • will the hashtag mark 000 or 001 being the first name made or randomly generated to where it dont feel Original or Unique when the server was ONCE called Nao server before the split... to have their names get around the 600s when they char was ma…
  • Maybe some like " Tree of Savior " how they have a ( team name/family name/tavern name/etc ) over their char names Guild titles ( insert here ) then " Group Name " layer over character names then " character names " will remain th…
  • mmmmm.........bloatware makes my moon itch... instead of improving the game performance ..... you want us to install a bloatware that contains other games that " User " Don't NEED in it Mabi Launcher Vs MabiMapleCombatus Launcher ..... wait .…