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Nekobell of Alexina here!


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March 2, 1994
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Life is like a river, some times you fall in and get drenched
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Artist, Musician and avid gamer nice to meet you!


  • Helsa wrote: » I really thought that G-Romeo and Julliette was going to bring this in; it would have totally made sense. Allowing this is a more complex issue than it may first appear to be. If you allow Elf/Giant marriage where is the venue w…
  • Sherri wrote: » This has definitely been long overdue Some would argue they aren't exactly allies but more of at a truce but this shouldn't stop MILLETIANS from marrying other MILLETIANS y'know? exactly! someone else understands! ♥
  • Sherri wrote: » So as in changing the server where a pet resides? I think this could be done, I suggest making an item that works similarly to Adoption Medals It captures the pet with an empty inventory but instead of making it tradeable, it lets…
  • Hi hi! do you still take commissions?
  • Gaea wrote: » Lutetium wrote: » Falaflame wrote: » I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Gaea for once. Gaea is a good girl who din do nuffin. The sheep as always is a bug bear in a sheep robe. Amen to that. My rep has always been in…
  • *^*
  • Veylaine wrote: » having a 20k elf and 11k giant here and I don't think its that big of a deal. would be nice if we got the rewards, but as long as the new players can reap them I'm fine with it. Personally I don't see this as a problem as long as…
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » It's not disappointing at all and it is nowhere near disrespectful. You know whats sad? we are the only community ( we as in the Mabinogi NA community) who complains about everything. I didn't see any complaints in KR about …
  • They would need to make an eluned version too >:I