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  • I've used over 100 coins now to get 1 last number on my bingo board. Found out the coins only stack to 50 but yeah i think i've used 113 or so just to get the number 6. and nothing still.
  • Iyasenu wrote: » Talking about regular Cooking skill or the Catering skill? If regular cooking, then you can look at the wiki page to find the duration for each rank. 8 minutes at Rank F Cooking, …
  • Beryl wrote: » You have to click "Pet Cards" under the Pet category to see all available cards. Otherwise it'll only show a select few from all its sub-categories. omg ty ty ty hahaha Would have never known.
  • ??? How did you find that? He doesn't show up in the pets tab for me in the shop!
  • I get what everyone is saying but I feel like this isn't a really fair event. I'm fine with only getting 5 essences a day. But being capped on only being able to turn in 5 pieces of wood a day is absurd. I work a lot and am maybe on for 2 or 3 ho…
  • I tried that too on all channels and nothing. Someone told me mods could be causing it, but I am new to the game and do not have any installed so I am stumped.