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February 17, 2016
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Forum name: Shiorenrawr Cresai of Mari I love my friends and music!


  • Meloncola wrote: » Sorry I can't find the commission details. Can you copy/paste them here? And yea, a different reference is all right with me. Oct 19, 2014, 5:16:10 PM Old DA name: Renxlucy IGN: Cresai Server: Mari Method of payment: $3…
  • Meloncola wrote: » Shioren wrote: » Hi Oldcabbage! Welcome back to the Mabinogi Fan Creation forum. It's cool to see you back yo! Is my commission still valid since it was back in 2016? I paid you in advance with tip for two portraits, but the…
  • Hi Oldcabbage! Welcome back to the Mabinogi Fan Creation forum. It's cool to see you back yo! Is my commission still valid since it was back in 2016? I paid you in advance with tip for two portraits, but then you became inactive. If not, it's fine.
  • Hello everyone, We have implemented the "read the rules system." There will be a prompt, placed in a random spot, to answer in the first post of this thread. We want to make sure all new requesters have read the rules. Please do not just skim …
  • KyoSorcerer wrote: » IGN: FenrisYuri Server: Alexina Artist IGN: FenrisYuri Artist's Server: Ruairi Amount: 14M Trade to: FenrisYuri (Ruairi) Hello! Sorry, this form is rejected as discussed on Discord. Your form is invalid due to filling th…
  • Reminder 。^‿^。: -Please check the first page for our bank amounts available! Alexina is still temporarily open with 6mil but will close again after funds run out. Refund -If your artist has not completed your commission after some time (ask if …
  • SkurrySkurr wrote: » IGN: Blackskurr Server: Tarlach Artist IGN: Jiiniwiini Artist's Server: Mari Amount: 16m Trade to: Jiiniwiini If only 15m can be traded, that's fine too. Hello! I accept! As I've said on discord the fund on my bank …
  • Alalarose wrote: » IGN: Alalarose Server: Tarlach Artist IGN: Niiato Artist's Server: Alexina Amount: 3m Trade to: Niiato Hope i have filled this out correctly, since the alexina section is closed i guess im asking for the rep of mari? …
  • Chibisai wrote: » IGN: Hikura4 Server: Mari Artist IGN: Aell / EIyria (Eiyria) Artist's Server: Tarlach Amount: 6m Trade to: Aell I'll probably be on after maintenance anytime Hi! I accept, feel free to note me or dm when to meet! I am …
  • Hi everyone! As a reminder, Alexina is temporarily open. I will leave the caution message on the Alexina post because I know the funds will run out someday. We do not have a Representative on Alexina who currently plays mabi and still active. …
  • @DANNYdani Hi! Thank you for your sincere thought and recommendation of our thread. Spreading awareness of our thread is lovely, but I think the thread you mentioned us on already interacted with our transfer reps. Our thread is here for whoever …
  • Thank you for liking us and for placing our thread in your shop! It certainly does make me happy to help those in need of a transfer. ^O^/ Your feelings will always be here in our thread thank you!
  • Eyyyy!!! Could you draw a chicken on my head? Style: Bust Ref:
  • All the requests above are done. Hello! We are still here but mainly active on our discord server. I still check here everyday though in case anyone posts here so don't worry! You don't need a discord account for us to help you.
  • @DANNYdani Here ! @Nyuuhokusai aww thanks! I love her ribbon too ^O^ Drew this for my friend (Grandma on mabi )
  • No problem everyone! ^∇^I had fun butcher- I mean drawing everyone huehue. I will do more if anyone wants.
  • @Nyuuhokusai Hi! And here you go! I forgot to say thank you for the christmas present!! Thank you very much I love the icon
  • @DANNYdani No problem!! My stream watchers wanted you dancing so I drew you in the lucky star dancing pose for cheerleader XD I'll be streaming again today! @Mykah Here you go! @Mizuko @kitteykat74
  • @Neyna no problem!! I am glad you love it! LOL @Toreishi Here you go!
  • @Neyna Here you go ! Also here is my Twitch if anyone wants to watch me mess up xD! I'll be drawing all day. @DANNYdani ^O^/