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August 28, 1995
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@Ew, Social Media :C
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"Happiness is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth~
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Nu >:(
About Me
I've been playing Mabinogi since Open Beta, 9 years ago. Don't judge your Senpai. Cichol is also my waifu; please no touching.


  • Hey guys, just a quick update. I haven't forgotten your commissions ^^; I was busy getting ready to apply to college in May when I got hit with tonsillitis, which I'm still trying to recover from. I really appreciate the patience and hope I can pump…
  • @Nyaa Commission finished! I'm sorry about his tail...Gifs don't like things being transparent on a transparent background. =/ But I hope you like it anyway x3
  • Enlise wrote: » Was just wondering how you're going to make the small feathers float around because I don't see them in the sketch so I wasn't sure. Also, is your IGN Koriko? Just wondering because I'm not sure how to contact you to pay xD Wel…
  • @Enlise Here's the sketch, Enlise! Let me know if you want anything changed. As I told Draxcon, I don't know how much detail I can keep once I shrink it and start pixeling, so I apologize in advance if things become simplified! xnx Also...just a …
  • @Nyaa Here's the base colors and lineart (I'm coloring the fish last so I have the whole color scheme to base them off of) :U Tell me if anything needs fixing. I'm also gonna send you a private message about an animation question I have. (Just so…
  • Sadly, Tarlach, I believe, is dead. I hate that I had to move to Alexina since I've had my Tarlach account for 9 years. Hehe...but ya. If you are still looking to play Mabi, Alexina is bustling with activity.
  • Enlise wrote: » IGN/Server: Enlise(Ruairi), Aurala(Alexina) Character Reference: Character Traits: goddess-looking. :P Pose Reference: Animation?: Hair flowing somewhat like this one,…
  • Enlise wrote: » I'm just curious, would you be able to do like hair movement? Like this... kind of I can most certainly try! That is, if your wil…
  • @Draxcon Your sketch is finished! Let me know if there's anything you want changed~ Also, I'm not quite sure how much detail I can keep when I start pixeling, so I apologize in advance if I have to simplify your outfit a bit xnx If everything loo…
  • @Nyaa So here he is with clothing ouob I've done it in red to help you see if I did something wrong since I don't have a good ref of it. :U! I hope it's ok~ If everything looks perfect, though, I'll accept the payment of 5mil ;D
  • Draxcon wrote: » Hi, I'd like to buy some art from you! IGN/Server: Draxcon, Alexina Character Reference: Character Traits: I'd like to say he would be serious, but lazy. Pose Reference: Ani…
  • @Nyaa I guess now it's my turn to apologize for the late reply xD;; Here's Soli with the fishies and webbed feet: I also have a question. I know this might be really selfish of me... but is it ok if I draw him without his clothes? I was real…
  • So here's Soli! I left out the fish cause I wanted to ask what type of fish you wanted around him. I know that's not an important enough thing to ask about, but I don't know many types of fish OTL EDIT: Why doesn't the HTML work anymore DX?!…
  • So basically another Tarlach Fair? Just very short and simple. You go Whitewizard ^^ Glad to see Tarlach isn't COMPLETELY dead ouo
  • @Nyaa ! I'm so glad you liked her so much! To be honest, I have no idea what that white thing is on the wing, but I somehow fixed it lol As for the arm showing through, I did attempt it before, but it looked...very off; especially with the shading. …
  • oAo!! I do animated pixel chibis! Sadly, I'm on Alexina ono... If you would really like to pay with Gold on all Servers you can use this service ^^ http://forums.m…
  • @Nyaa All your commissions have been completed, Nyaa! x3 Here you go
  • I never got a chance to try the Couple Breaker event so that would be a great event to bring back. But of course I love Doki Doki Island. It's probably my favorite event out of everything. In the end though I'll choose neither the Cookie nor the Val…