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  • I dunno it might have a special skill giving him protection... if you just summoned it, the scooter summoning skill might boost its protection. But I have leveled a bone dragon from lvl 1 to lvl 120 (before golden cap) and monitored it's protecti…
  • 2 questions: 1. You need at least 30 training done. Can you use Skill training (35) and then use AP to train ? 2. For the skill training boost (+50% at lvl 100) does it count in the requirements or is this out of requirements like reforge or bad…
  • For the info... Pet protection when linked is (Pet protection + Pet level) So if bone dragon has 8 protection naturally, her dragon is oonly lvl 63. A lvl 200 dragon will have 208 protection and lvl 200 phoenix will get 250.
  • If your CP went up (lvl.. stats...) and you were still on the same screen, the ennemy will still appear as Awful even if they should appear as Strong now with your higher CP.... That might be why.
  • Zarric wrote: » Gaea wrote: » Yeah the wiki basically says no matter how high your crit is you will only crit 30% of the time. So having 200% crit is kinda...pointless. Strength all the way. Actually, that information is lacking something ver…
  • xRoflcopter wrote: » Just making sure people know that luck doesn't influence lucky finishes. Chances for lucky finishes are set in stone. But it does influence lucky gathers. Actually I don't remember where but I think it's in the Japanese wik…
  • Just to remind you that a Erinn day is only 36 minutes real life.... meaning you only have to wait 18 minutes cooldown at most. If you are changing continent for less than 20 minutes you might be doing something wrong xD And if ever you need to b…
  • At maximum potential (Level 3000 potential) You get 150 free stat points to distribute in STR, INT, DEX, WILL, LUCK
  • Luck does raise critical hit but... I rebirth at age 10 for that purpose so I already have 109% crit with crap non-upgraded staff and 184% crit with Golden Dowra (I use crap weapon for SM to minimize cost) Not sure if I should still get the luck …