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  • does that 'finding gwen' thingy mean we have to find her 5 and 10 times consecutively? or can we miss days?
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » nevyn25 wrote: » easy solution, don't use discord Well it turns itself on lol kinky... ow wait, not that kind of 'turning on'
  • easy solution, don't use discord
  • oof, thoroughly enjoyed the various storylines. played through talvish's storyline first bc they cut that off in the stream and wanted to see the end. ferghus appearing already gave me a good laugh. seeing ferghus at the end of avelin's storyline ma…
  • I'm pleasantly surprised to see there actually is a new game, even if only temporary. really curious to try out the various options
  • Alshian wrote: » Instead of having all our characters turned to monsters what if they were all gone? :B now calm down there satan, let's not cause a mass panic as for my fav april fools prank, that would be the
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » There was a pink starfish on the ground next to somebody when I was walking down the beach this morning. I couldn't pick it up either, so....I think it was left to rot on that beach. Somebody has no idea what legendary bad lu…
  • Harukari wrote: » Why use mabi's built in screenshot thing. It ruins quality something awful. Jpgs suck. the screenies were made using print screen on my keyboard though, but it'll still use mabi's built in screenshot thing...
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » Clearly Nevyn you underestimate how much I already love them XDD I would totally adopt a mountain lion. I don't underestimate anything. however much you love kitties, they always deserve more love
  • Gaea wrote: » ah of course, you can boil 'em, mash 'em and stick 'em in a stew
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » WolfandWolf wrote: » Wolfsinger wrote: » WolfandWolf wrote: » Oh, do the kitties transform? The white one does, I dunno about the black one yet. Startled me the first time it happened XD I asked from another player…
  • how about the forever alone animation for people who don't have someone to fly with? do they get a different animation as well?
  • Greta wrote: » Taters please.
  • the good ingredients increase the colour values, making it gradually lighter, up to pure white. the rotten ones gradually decrease values towards pure black. for example, if you want pure purple you have to decrease green to zero by catching the rot…
  • oof, totally forgot to mention marleid as one of my top waifus this year. but yeah, I'm really curious whom of the two, blaanid or enn. is gonna win. it'll be a tough choice for me either way if (and prob when) they get to battle each other.
  • hope there's gonna be some fun events for the anniversary. got all my talents to master during the master plan event, so I don't really feel any incentive to actually login anymore aside from the guild meetings my guild does on saturdays. current ev…
  • kind of a shame pihne doesn't even get to defend her title though. blaanid and enn top waifus this year for me
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » They feel that Doki Doki Island is hazard because And there are yuge waves that can crash onto people and drown them. It's unsafe. then they should just build a wall around the island. and have the doki doki residents …
  • guess he's also a heart breaker now. sad to hear it's the last episode of break time, they're really good fun
  • Katherz wrote: » Someone robbed Piran for his Wingheart Necklace to get the Fluffy Wolf Tail, so we're ending the Wingheart Collection Event. guilty as charged. still didn't get the tail though, so if he wants he can have part of the necklace b…