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  • No love for alchemy as usual it seems; the ATT/Magic ATT selection does not account for that talent since it uses neither of them.
  • WolfandWolf wrote: » . . . . . . . . . .They changed the HP 300, MP 300, and Stam 300 pots..... THEY NO LONGER REQUIRE CLOVERS TO MAKE. They also apparently no longer give clovers in Frag either. I'm not imagining things, right? You ar…
  • Wow, that must be super unlucky for you. Speaking of unlucky, if someone finds their luck (and I don't mean the stat) to be really poor, they will fail horribly to get Chain Burst: - Rank 1 Critical Hit - Rank 3 Chain Blade Mastery - Rank 5 De…
  • I may be mistaken, but this sound I believe everyone's referring to is the same sound made when a skill is ranked up in Vindictus.
  • What are we supposed to be looking for/at?
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Nafrayu wrote: » 2 questions: 1. You need at least 30 training done. Can you use Skill training (35) and then use AP to train ? 2. For the skill training boost (+50% at lvl 100) does it count in the requirements or is t…
  • I have a feeling this a kind of Visual Glitch - In every instance that Ruairi (Black Dragon Knight) spawns in Saga 1, cut-scenes excluded, he does not appear dressed/decked out in his black suit of armor and appears as though he's not wearing any ki…
  • TNinja wrote: » The coupon isn't banktradeable. Great. I literally have no more space for a doll bag. You CAN open the coupon and bank-trade the bag that comes out from it though.
  • This needs some more testing, but I've worn this accessory for many hours now, been in half a dozen battles with it equipped (unblessed, btw) and it has not lost a single durability. Maybe someone can confirm it does not lose durability similar to t…