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  • Another best memorie is me finaly getting RA and posing with our great helm leader posing together next to the guild stone.
  • we electrolytes are one of the most random and fun active guild. As a old vet of the guild i seen the guild from it simple days of a tiny guild with 10 people. Simple times and simple laughs. And now we got so many people it becomes the most fun mad…
  • I miss Eiry too. Rememebr the old days where the claymore was the most powerful melee wepon in the game!
  • Would love to see more mabinogi streams. still greatful for them for the spring tea boxes I gotten from there live stream giveaway
  • fighting bandits in a group do yield good xp, gold, badges, and the bandit clothing sets. Wish they add some new items or some enchants, I mean we are fighting bandits and yet they don't drop any homestead stones or any homestead crafting parts. If…
  • Neroy wrote: » Xiokun wrote: » Training pots, training pots, training pots. I trained nearly every skill these training pots have to offer. Where the heck is the blacksmithing and tailoring training pots at? If they're in this gacha, I'm drop…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Opalthira wrote: » Fills box with 20+mil outfits "what could possibly go wrong?" What is the problem? If they are trying to crash the market, I do not see how it is a bad thing. Chang'es went for 40 million gold offers …
  • To be honest, I would love a bandit event where we, A become bandit lords ourselfs, B become helpers to a bandit leader and take them to the top, or c a return of our favorite mute fist master fighting with us with special bounty passes.
  • Uberchao wrote: » Just what the heck is this? "Classic outfits"? Just about all of this stuff is 2015 and later, where's the old Winter Newbie Wears that weren't brought back, the Lance Feather set, the old school uniform, swirly glasses, old swim…