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  • Crims wrote: » Probably referring to partners and inventory expansion, which I agree with. This guy gets it. The ''upgrades'' that allow you to just have more fun with the game by not being limited to tiny inventories or stupid timers are the o…
  • Helsa wrote: » Crims wrote: » Probably referring to partners and inventory expansion, which I agree with. Oh, like permanently on sale as opposed to permanently lasting once purchased, kk. No I mean as in permanently lasting. I'd much rath…
  • TheNyanCat wrote: » There is nothing wrong with wanting to have the same experience as everyone else, that's ok. But what you want is for everyone else to have the same cruddy experience as you do. All your suggestion does is bork down the appe…
  • Here's a good example of why it should be reduced in speed. Imagine playing CoD (Bear with me) and you're running, say, a semi-automatic pistol. Now you live in a country that is overseas from the server you're playing on and you're getting some lag…
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » They will never bring back the EU servers because EU broke the rules by going behind nexon;s back by releasing a patch when they were told not to. Have you also tried to Disabling Nagle's Algorithm? Also it's known that the far…
  • And yes. I have tried EVERY option for reducing lag. Including port forwarding. Nothing changes. I get rid of ghosting for my skills. but Nothing changes the actual use speed of magic and other items.