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  • I'm having this issue as well. For the past few days.
  • Okay let's say thats the reason those lost elves are dark. What about the dark skinned elf's in Tara then? Zeo pointed out 2 cheerleaders. What about the elf from Samhain event they pointed out as well?
  • I just watched this. I wish I understood, seems like they're explaining the skills, upgrades and such.
  • Rhey wrote: » Vania wrote: » Instead of a gold wipe, a gold sink would be much better. For instance, make fine/credne reforges, enchant protection potions, or a gachapon available to purchase with gold via NPC for limited time. Seal shop 2.0?…
  • TheLordofNyrin wrote: » Cut This summed up every feeling I have about this skin issue thing. There are a lot of things about the game that I complain about and I'm willing to even look over some of them and let it go if the skin thing was not a…
  • Regardless, some of us would like our characters to look like how we look in rl. Why play an elf then? Simple, I like elves. Why do the other races even have it and they don't? I find it very weird. Did they just say.. nah let's keep em' light it lo…
  • Kaga wrote: » Regardless, there is no reason for them to keep away dark skin but give us black hair. Lore isn't the issue. I think GMs just need to tell mabi-team to give us dark skin and we would most likely get it. Been asking for this for ye…
  • I only opened one box got a cheetah, Gio, and a fallen fairy. Finally, something went right for me when I open a gacha. I was hoping for a Fantasia Bone Dragon but I'll accept what I have.