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  • Hey everyone, So with the eluned casual date wears being released i suddenly realized my new mabinogi goal....TO BE A TRAP. So working on the quest of getting the Male Eluned stuff id like to share a pic of my current set Still looking for the Elune…
  • I only go for titles that are useful to me/a party. Whether is party healing master, or Hydra Transmutation Master, Support shot master maybe, i get what i feel is more useful/gives me the stats i want to increase damage
  • Red Upgrade, because Crit Damage is more valuable than what blue upgrade gives (Max damage). Thats the case with most weapons honestly, the only thing you truly may want blue upgrade on is Magic weapons, but even then people are switching to Red upg…
  • I prefer Cutthroat not only for stats but because Most of my outfits cover the gauntlets anyway, so it looks like a hidden blade kind of thing While the Stinger shows through and looks weird
  • Woops wrong post
  • These Chains arent sexual in nature at all x-x Literally they're harnessing the Anger and balancing the Heroic Feelings and Anguish Feelings :l
  • lol nexon knows its playerbase loves wings....i still never got into the wing love
  • Idk if im the only one, but people in this thread keep complaining about not having content for the next few months after they hardcore grind and get everything on week 1 but like....maybe dont hardcore do anything? idk if this game is made to hardc…
  • I will say this, MMO's arent as populated as they used to be in their "wonder years" the market is saturated with F2P MMO's with Nexon having about 4. So even if every person in the world only played Nexon games, they still have Mabinogi, Maplestory…
  • yknow i kinda hate that theres separate servers and one of the servers ahead because then news from them come out and people suddenly get impatient and stuff, not saying you're doing it but some people get really upset and elitist when it comes to t…
  • an alchemist can look like whatever you want, you dont have to be a traditional alchemist or mage or warrior. This is what my alchemist looks like THIS IS THE MABINOGI WAY, BE A WARRIOR IN NO ARMOR,BE A MAGE WITH HEAVY ARMOR DO WHAT YOU WANT
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » If you cannot cite the lore reason, then there probably is not any. That being said, there is not any, explicit or hinted at. Black Hair=/=Dark Skin. Where the heck do you get those confused? That being said, Black hair…
  • i lowkey find it kinda funny how on this mmo, its an issue that elves cant be black, but in life....yknow what, im not going there xD!!!
  • Dcat682 wrote: » So... what's the big deal with dark skinned elves? some of us are dark skinned irl and would like our characters to reflect that, all the while being able to use the race (elves) we would like to least thats my reason…